The Beginner's Guide to Home Business Marketing

Written by Lisa Lake

Hello again, Lisa Lake here with more tips forrepparttar beginning home businessperson. As you may know from my past articles, after raising my kids I went back intorepparttar 117761 work force, and I faced down several challenges. I'm a non-traditional businessperson, and I had to learnrepparttar 117762 systemrepparttar 117763 hard way. I didn't have a business degree, and I didn't haverepparttar 117764 years of experience my co-workers did, but, being a reasonably intelligent person and a hard worker, after only a glitch or two I found myself really succeeding.

Well, after a few years of commuting, I found I really missedrepparttar 117765 freedom of being at home, so I decided to go into business for myself. I was not so surprised to find that I now was facing a whole new set of challenges. Working at a corporation I just had to show up and be good atrepparttar 117766 job I was hired to do. Working at home I soon discovered that I had to be an expert at everything, especially marketing. When you're in business for yourself, you've got to have a way of bringing customers to your business. After a few months of trying different approaches, I learned thatrepparttar 117767 best way to market, at least for my business, is onrepparttar 117768 web. I've streamlined my best web marketing ideas into what I call my 1-2-3 program, and I'd like to share it with you. Here they are.

1. Get a great web site. Business is seldom done overrepparttar 117769 phone these days. It's all web based, and having a great web site is crucial, because it'srepparttar 117770 first impressionrepparttar 117771 customer has of you. If your website isn't professional, people will just move on, won't they? There are several cheap and even free website services onrepparttar 117772 web. Just do a search and pickrepparttar 117773 one that works best for you. You can pick decor and font and all kinds of stuff to make your site seem more like you.

Articles ... The Best Form Of Free Advertising

Written by Elena Fawkner

Articles ... The Best Form Of Free Advertising

2002 Elena Fawkner

Those of you reading this who run your own online businesses know thatrepparttar aim ofrepparttar 117760 game is traffic - qualified, targeted traffic - and lots of it.

There are a number of ways to drive qualified traffic to your site - some of it costs you money, some of it costs you time. Some of it costs you both and doesn't work.

This article is all aboutrepparttar 117761 best form of free advertising - writing articles.

How can writing articles give you free advertising? As you probably know, there are hundreds of thousands of people publishing an ezine (electronic newsletter) on a regular basis. For some of these people, publishingrepparttar 117762 ezine isrepparttar 117763 central plank of their business - they set out to create a business involving, primarily,repparttar 117764 publishing of repparttar 117765 ezine. Others, however, publishrepparttar 117766 ezine only as an adjunct to their website - a way to get their site in front of their ezine subscribers inrepparttar 117767 hope that this will generate repeat traffic.

Both types of ezine publishers have one thing in common. The need for great content. If you've spent much time online you'll no doubt have signed up for more than your fair share of free ezines. You'll have come across some that are really good, some that are OK and some that are nothing short of woeful, with content that looks likerepparttar 117768 publisher has picked uprepparttar 117769 first piece of regurgitated whatever he happened to come across today to fill uprepparttar 117770 space betweenrepparttar 117771 ads for his numerous affiliate programs.

Your site may include links to your affiliate programs. After all, that's how you make money, right? But rather than gorepparttar 117772 road ofrepparttar 117773 ezine publisher who thinks she can serve up any old porridge to her subscriber base and they'll eat it up, spendrepparttar 117774 same time writing just one good article on a subject matter relevant to your target market and invite publishers of ezines with complementary subject matter to publish that article, together with your resource box atrepparttar 117775 end (the four or five line blurb you see atrepparttar 117776 end of articles that give a little information aboutrepparttar 117777 author andrepparttar 117778 author's website together with a link torepparttar 117779 site).

Now, here'srepparttar 117780 important point if you expect others to publish your work. Your ad is your resource box, it is NOT your article. Your article is content. Your article should not mention your product, your site or anything related to it. Your article must stand alone as an independently useful piece of work (and when I say useful, I mean it must be useful torepparttar 117781 READER, notrepparttar 117782 author!). Don't insult your readers' intelligence by dressing up an ad as an article. They're not stupid - they'll see through it and you immediately, they'll put you on their blacklist for insulting their intelligence and no publisher worth their salt will run your articles anyway.

The whole purpose of writingrepparttar 117783 article is to make it such a worthwhile piece of work that many publishers will want to put it in front of their subscribers. Get a good article published in an ezine with 10,000 subscribers and see what that does for your traffic when hundreds of those subscribers click onrepparttar 117784 link to your site that you've included in your resource box.

Beginning to see how this works? Andrepparttar 117785 best thing of all is that it only costs you time - maybe an hour, two tops to write a decent article. Commit to writing one a week and getting them published and you'll have a nice little traffic flow going, believe me (AND, if you make sure that you write about subject matter relevant to your site, that traffic will ALSO be targeted, qualified traffic - so much repparttar 117786 better).

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