The Beautiful Rose of Sharon

Written by Ken Austin

Perhaps you were browsingrepparttar pages of a catalog and found a beautiful picture ofrepparttar 113320 Rose of Sharon (Hibiscus Sriacus)? Or maybe you were lucky enough to see a Rose of Sharon in person at a local garden center? Are you wondering whether these will make a beautiful addition to your home? Getting a little knowledge of these beautiful plants will allow you to make a decision.

Although once somewhat uncommon,repparttar 113321 Rose of Sharon has become a widely loved plant. Not your typical rose bush, these are more like shrubs. Other names for Rose of Sharon include althea and shrub althea. Some can grow up to 10 feet tall, while most maintain a height of 5 feet. Sounds like a tree? It looks like a beautiful shrub with blooms of a variety of colors. The Rose of Sharon makes for a great fence as well. Places several side by side in a row, they create a natural fence that will enliven any landscape.

All About Miniature Roses

Written by Ken Austin

Miniature roses are exactly what they sound like. They have all ofrepparttar fragrance and beauty of a regular rose, but they have smaller blooms. These particular roses are great for indoor planting.

Miniature roses are one of many types of roses available widely. These roses, as their name implies, are smaller versions ofrepparttar 113319 more common roses. They offerrepparttar 113320 same beauty and fragrances as their larger cousins. The consumer can find a large selection in a variety of colors and shape available to them. Caring for these miniature roses is no more difficult then caring forrepparttar 113321 larger variety. But, takingrepparttar 113322 time to learn aboutrepparttar 113323 miniature rose is key in maintaining them over a long period of time

Miniature roses come in many colors and varieties. There truly is something to please everyone. These roses are great additions to a flower bed, window box or even insiderepparttar 113324 home or office as a potted variety. With so many choices available,repparttar 113325 demand for these roses has risen. Once hard to find, they are now available in most garden centers and even in discount department stores as well. Now, this is not to say thatrepparttar 113326 consumer can't find better, more hardy options other places.

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