The Basics of Website Promotion

Written by Jeff McIntire-Strasburg, Ph.D.

Website promotion is, quite simply,repparttar process of gettingrepparttar 131761 word out about your site. Like any kind of marketing or promotional effort, website promotion requires planning and strategy.

Where to Start

Before jumping headfirst into site promotion (and, perhaps, even before building your site), youíll want to think carefully about your target market and your siteís purpose. Who do you want to visit your site? What do you want those visitors to do when they get there? With so much information out there, and so many means available for website promotion, itís tempting to dive in without testingrepparttar 131762 waters. Just as with more traditional forms of spreadingrepparttar 131763 word, though, you want to figure out what you have to offer, and who will be most interested. Promotion should focus on bringing those visitors to your site who want or need whatever it is you have to offer.

The Tried and True

Once you have determined your target market andrepparttar 131764 how your site will serve that market, youíll want to start looking into various methods of website promotion. Given that youíre working with an internet-based medium, youíll likely think first of internet-based forms of promotion. Donít overlook more traditional methods of announcing your site, though. Do you have a business card? Have your siteís URL printed on it. Dorepparttar 131765 same with other paper promotional items you produce routinely. Do you send press releases torepparttar 131766 media with news about your business? Certainly includerepparttar 131767 URL in these. Do you advertise inrepparttar 131768 newspaper, or onrepparttar 131769 radio or TV? Your URL should now be a part ofrepparttar 131770 contact information included in those ads.

The "New Media"

Of course,repparttar 131771 Web opens up new possibilities for promoting your site, and you certainly want to take advantage of them. Here are seven possible ways to promote your site throughrepparttar 131772 Internet:

1. Get listed Where do you go onrepparttar 131773 Net when you want to find information? Probably Yahoo!, Google, AltaVista, or one ofrepparttar 131774 many other search engines, directories or portals available onrepparttar 131775 Web. So itís likely that your target market doesrepparttar 131776 same. Check intorepparttar 131777 processes for submitting your siteís URL to search engines and directories Ė many of these services will list your site for free. The grand-daddy of directories, Yahoo!, does charge just to look at a business site (currently for $299, with no guarantee of a listing), but keep in mind that about half of all web traffic comes from Yahoo! -- you may decide that itís a smart investment in your website promotion efforts. Also keep in mind that there are smaller engines and directories tailored to specific topics and interests, and you may find that getting listed with one of these will give you a more prominent position inrepparttar 131778 engine/directory, and provide you with more targeted traffic. Also, donít overlook local and regional engines/directories. For more information, see my article on Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O.).

2. Get Linked While most webmasters will first think of search engines and directories for their website promotion, more traffic (six to seven times as much) comes from links on other pages than from search engines. How do you get these links? Generally, you need to propose a link swap with another site. That is, you contactrepparttar 131779 webmaster of another site to which youíd like to be linked, and offer to link to his/her site if s/he will dorepparttar 131780 same. Short-cuts, such as FFA pages, are generally notrepparttar 131781 most effective kinds of links Ė because so many people submit to these sites, individual links may appear for only minutes or even seconds. Also keep in mind that people visit these sites to submit their own links, not to find information.

Weave Your Own Web

Written by A. Raymond Randall

Many elementary school children knowrepparttar miracle of Charlotte's Web. Weavingrepparttar 131758 words "Some Pig" intorepparttar 131759 center of her web, Charlotte keeps Wilbur fromrepparttar 131760 frying pan. E.B. White's story provides some fascinating guidelines for web spinning.

Charlotte's wisdom assures Wilbur about what matters. Onrepparttar 131761 one hand, when Wilbur tries creating his own web, she instructs, "You can't spin a web...and I advise you to putrepparttar 131762 idea out of your mind." Wilbur lacks "spinnerets, and ... know how". She also informs Wilbur, " don't need a web." However with some "know how", every webmaster may weave a "terrific" web. A spider called Charlotte offers wise suggestions.

Have a plan.

Wilbur had no plan to save himself fromrepparttar 131763 butcher, and when first asked, Charlotte did not have much of a plan. She does suggestrepparttar 131764 importance of "working on it", and in her case, "hanging head down...that's when I do my thinking". Don't suggest you turn yourself upside down, but do suggest taking time to ponder YOUR plan. When Wilbur asks if he can help, she says, "I'll work on it alone". I am convinced that you must design your own plan when weaving your web. Stay away from templates and pre-made web site designs. Generations of web designers preceded Charlotte; she mimickedrepparttar 131765 structure, but notrepparttar 131766 content. Her choices evolved from her unique and distinctive plan.

Have a purpose.

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