The Basics of Home Audio Speakers

Written by Ross MacIver

There are great many home audio speakers onrepparttar market today ranging in price from a few dollars to thousands of dollars. Buying a set of speakers can be a confusing endeavor, but with a little bit of knowledge you should be able to make a wise choice.

Most home audio speakers are made up of several components in one enclosure. The simplest speaker is simply one speaker driver housed in a box with no other electronics involved. These speakers will not sound very good becauserepparttar 136504 single speaker driver is not capable of reproducingrepparttar 136505 entire frequency range.

To provide better sound over a wider frequency range, several speaker components are combined together to make home audio speakers. The low frequencies are reproduced byrepparttar 136506 woofer andrepparttar 136507 high frequencies are reproduced byrepparttar 136508 tweeter. There is a crossover housed inrepparttar 136509 speaker enclosure which dividesrepparttar 136510 audio frequency into highs and lows and sends it torepparttar 136511 appropriate driver.

Some home audio speakers may have a third or even fourth speaker driver installed inrepparttar 136512 enclosure. The most common of these is for reproducing midrange frequencies, and is used inrepparttar 136513 so-called three-way speaker.

The Basics of CD Mastering

Written by Ross MacIver

Recording a CD is a complicated process which calls onrepparttar skills of a great many people. The musicians must preparerepparttar 136503 initial musical material before heading intorepparttar 136504 recording studio to lay down tracks. The recording engineer is responsible for capturingrepparttar 136505 sounds and mixing them together. The mixing stage may be followed by an editing and processing stage, at which pointrepparttar 136506 recording is ready for audio CD mastering.

Audio CD mastering is a specialized field requiring musical knowledge, a technical background, and excellent ears. The mastering engineer has to be familiar with a broad range of musical styles and able to produce a final recording that sounds good on a variety of sound systems. He has to considerrepparttar 136507 requirements ofrepparttar 136508 artist andrepparttar 136509 producer and present a final recording that is satisfying to everyone involved.

Music is often recorded on multitrack tape, and afterrepparttar 136510 tracks have been recorded, they need to be mixed down to stereo. Each song can take anywhere from several hours to several days to mix down before beginning onrepparttar 136511 next song. Various songs may be mixed down at different time ofrepparttar 136512 day and with different people giving their opinions. This can result in an uneven sound between songs. The purpose of audio CD mastering is to give a consistent overall sound torepparttar 136513 entire CD project.

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