The Awesome Power Of Viral Marketing

Written by John Colanzi

I'm sure you know aboutrepparttar value of viral marketing.

I thought I did too.

I knew it, but I never really understoodrepparttar 122584 true power of viral marketing.

It's awesome.

I remember when I was growing up along a canal. We'd go out byrepparttar 122585 water and throw stones. Asrepparttar 122586 stone would hitrepparttar 122587 water it would cause a ripple to go from one bank torepparttar 122588 next.

Viral marketing is similar to that. Every time you send out an article, ebook or piece of software a ripple effect begins.

Your name and links begin to spread acrossrepparttar 122589 net and acrossrepparttar 122590 globe.

What makes this so awesome?

There is no bank onrepparttar 122591 other side to stop your message from spreading.

Every time you set a viral product into action,repparttar 122592 effect multiplies. It's incredible,repparttar 122593 effect is cumulative.

Why It's Critical to Train Your Downline

Written by Joe Bingham

Essentially, there are two different mindsets on how to succeed in network marketing. While there may be debate as to which way isrepparttar best, in either system you benefit from any amount of time it requires to fully train your downline as to how to dorepparttar 122583 business.


Many compensation plans are based mostly on recruiting more and more people and have nothing or very little to do with selling any actual products.

Sincerepparttar 122584 money in this category comes from income made as you increase your downline, you have two options. One, constantly recruit more and more people, or two, recruitrepparttar 122585 same people over and over again into multiple programs.


These kind of businesses focus more on repeat sales from customers than creating a downline. In other words, besides recruiters, these businesses are retailers as well.

Either way, no matter what kind of business you get into, it still pays to train your downline.


The beauty of network marketing resides in recruiting a downline to work inrepparttar 122586 business with you. In a traditional job, you trade your time at work for money in return for that work. The only way to increaserepparttar 122587 money you earn then is to increaserepparttar 122588 number of hours you work, or convince your employer to raise your level of pay.

Networking, however, frees you from such problems. As you increaserepparttar 122589 number of people working with you in your downline, you also increaserepparttar 122590 number of hours worked inrepparttar 122591 business because not only do you get paid for your efforts, but for theirs as well. This is leveraging your time.

Say you work only 10 hours per week in your network marketing business. If you have 20 people in your downline that also work 10 hours per week, that gives you a total of 200 work hours per week that you receive benefits from besides your own 10 hours.

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