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Technical Treason and Eight or Nine reasons why an infra-red mouse is a MUST!

Written by Tranni D'Electric.

Her passion and insight with regard to consumer goods, are unmatched. However, she can be confusing, such is her logical brain. Please make allowances. ---------------------------------------- Infra-red mouses do not have tails!

Allergies to mice can be traced back to a mouse!

You can afford to be careless with crumbs, and stuff.

Cats are less likely to call around.

Consequently, dogs are less likely to call around. Incidentally, I was onrepparttar Internet last night and discovered that dogs actually like cats, and only eat them by accident. Technically, dogs have over-affectionate teeth!

An infra-red mouse does not bite and skirts don't have to be tied betweenrepparttar 118119 legs but fixing aroundrepparttar 118120 waist is still recommended.

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