The Australian Software Company releases new SQL Delta Version 3.1

Written by TASC

Sydney, 10th May 2005 – TASC have released SQL Delta version 3.1, a high performance SQL schema and data comparison tool for analysis and synchronization of databases.

Version 3.1 of SQL Delta offersrepparttar following new feature and improvements and is available now


A powerful command line script processor has been introduced to SQL Delta 3.1. The script processor providesrepparttar 138739 user with a mechanism for controlling SQL Delta by remote control, allowing databases to be compared and changes scripted without any user intervention. The script language is standard XML and provides a variety of commands for configuring and controlling SQL Delta. In addition torepparttar 138740 standard comparison and script functionsrepparttar 138741 user can export reports in various formats including HTML format and then have those reports automatically emailed torepparttar 138742 appropriate user. Even scripts can be emailed as attachments if a change is detected inrepparttar 138743 database.

“We have designedrepparttar 138744 script processor to provide users, especially DBA’s, withrepparttar 138745 convenience of programmatic style control of SQL Delta withoutrepparttar 138746 need to dig out a compiler and build an application. Even so a programmer can very easily create a seamless execution of SQL Delta from within their own application if they desired” Jay Bailey – SQL Development Manager.

Reporting For Microsoft Great Plains/dynamics/eenterprise: Rw – Reportwriter – Tips For Developer

Written by Andrew Karasev

Microsoft Business Solutions Great Plains is written in Great Plains Software programming tool: Great Plains Dexterity. Dexterity in turn was built with conception of graphical cross-platform transferability (in time – 1992 – mostly Mac and MS Windows). Plus Dexterity had database abstraction level (through C programming language). The result of such a shrewd future-looking architecture – Great Plains ReportWriter has multiple restrictions and drawbacks. Let’s first look atrepparttar advantages of using ReportWriter:

• Seamless integration with Great Plains forms –repparttar 138587 most typical scenario – you modify SOP_Long_Invoice_Form or SOP_Blank_Invoice_From and then print your invoices with modified form – usually with your logo and changed formats and positions ofrepparttar 138588 fields

• Parameters Entry Forms. Each existing report (Reports section) has associated parameters entry form.


• No Cross-Modules links. You can not associate report withrepparttar 138589 tables from non-related modules. For example you can not have Sales Order Processing (SOP) and Purchase Order Processing data onrepparttar 138590 same report (you actually can – but you need Dexterity programmer help)

• Custom Reports. You do not have parameters entry interface for your custom reports, but you could use restrictions to restrictrepparttar 138591 selection. Custom reports could be used to export data from Great Plains in text (and then Excel format)

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