The Attorney ~ The Latest Super Hero in a Society Gone Mad!

Written by Lawrence X. Young

Are you looking for a career or want to take legal action? An attorney may berepparttar the answer for you, (also known as a lawyer). Whateverrepparttar 119231 matter, attorneys help all individuals - people (and companies) in a court of law. Generally specializing, allow them to be proficient when it comes torepparttar 119232 legalities within their selected field.

An attorney is a useful means, to represent your points across in a court of law. Onrepparttar 119233 other hand, representation by an attorney, who knows their specialized area in law can assist you in winningrepparttar 119234 case in court. Based uponrepparttar 119235 situation that you find yourself in, you may be lucky enough to secure a pro-bono offer from an attorney. Pro-bono is a contract to assist a client on a fee free arrangement. This pro-bono proposal may come with clauses, stating that shouldrepparttar 119236 case be won, a predestined percentage ofrepparttar 119237 money awarded will be passed on torepparttar 119238 representing attorney. As well as,repparttar 119239 attorneys may attract clients, from their obvious gesture of good will. So consult your attorney in detail in this situation.

Gettingrepparttar 119240 services of an attorney may not be painless, especially when there is money for fees to be arranged. However, it is also not easy to become and be an attorney; it needs years of study, hours of work and never ending research to be current.

Balancing Your Legal Scorecard - Part 1

Written by Richard Hall

Balancing Your Legal Scorecard

A Performance Management Tool For The Legal Department


Every organization recognizesrepparttar importance of measuring performance. It providesrepparttar 119230 means of monitoringrepparttar 119231 achievement ofrepparttar 119232 organization’s strategy. As such, it is a vital means of motivation.

That, at least isrepparttar 119233 theory!

However, in reality, many organizations have yet to implement a performance measurement system that adequately fitsrepparttar 119234 bill, especially inrepparttar 119235 legal department. They, instead, focus their attention on “afterrepparttar 119236 horse is out ofrepparttar 119237 barn”, like outcomes and financial performance. Thus, these organizations payrepparttar 119238 price:

•Most legal matter indicators and financial indicators are backward looking – it has been likened to “steeringrepparttar 119239 ship by watchingrepparttar 119240 wake” •Legal department performance and financial performance tends to be measured overrepparttar 119241 short term and induces short term ‘fixes’ •Legal department measures and financial measures alone cannot communicaterepparttar 119242 organization’s strategy and priorities to its managers and staff

Although,repparttar 119243 following approach may be applied to many departments withinrepparttar 119244 organization, this article focuses our attention onrepparttar 119245 corporate legal department. As we have found that it is disparagingly referred to by senior management as a “necessary evil”.

With that said, corporate legal departments are now being required to do more than win cases and manage costs. They have a dual mandate, which includes adding value torepparttar 119246 corporation while providing successful, cost effective legal work to their corporate client. Adding value includes qualitative as well as quantitative measures.

As such, what corporate legal managers increasingly need is a performance measurement capability that supports a long term, forward-thinking strategic view. They need a performance measurement framework that provides a view across a range of measures that encompass all ofrepparttar 119247 key issues forrepparttar 119248 continued financial success of their organization. A framework that itself helps improve performance by changing what people do, one that:

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