The Artist Inside All Of Us

Written by Laura Thykeson - Owner of "An Artist's Dream"

I firmly believe that all people are born artists. Everyone can remember how, as children, we all loved drawing, finger-painting, etc. The wonderful thing was, we didn't care what others thought of our efforts, we were just having fun!

Somehow, as we age, we often lose that creative innocence and exuberance, and inrepparttar process, lose a very gratifying part of our lives. I see people every day that are unhappy and don't know why. I believe that if they could "rediscover" a creative outlet of some form, it would so enrich their lives that they would return to it again and again. Often I hear adults say, "I can't do that! I can't even draw a straight line!". Well,repparttar 116142 straight lines don't matter; it'srepparttar 116143 curved and crooked ones that are more interesting!

I personally have never had any formal art training. Neither has my husband, Kris, or our daughter-in-law, April. We all three just need a creative outlet to help us stay sane, and now here we are! When you browse throughrepparttar 116144 Artisan Shops on Ruby Lane, you will see many very talented Artisans with different forms of artistic _expression. Each and every one of them is exquisitely beautiful in their own way, and all are uniquely different. That isrepparttar 116145 wonderful thing about art. What you create is a very personal part of you, and that carries over to your work. There are three of us that contribute to our shop.

“Training Your Dog…Is It Worth The Effort Or Is It Just A Waste Of Time?”

Written by Rocky Tapscott

Many people feel that takingrepparttar time to train their puppy or dog isn't worthrepparttar 116141 effort. What with everything else we have to do these days in our busy lives, whose gotrepparttar 116142 time?

Kimberley was just like that. She'd never bothered training Jack…but then, one day…

Kimberly and Jack ran excitedly up torepparttar 116143 top ofrepparttar 116144 escarpment and gazed out overrepparttar 116145 deep blue ocean waves as they rolled in fromrepparttar 116146 east. The sun was just appearing overrepparttar 116147 horizon,repparttar 116148 cool sea breeze on her face made her feel completely alive, and Kimberley was as contented as she had ever been.

The time she spent with Jack,repparttar 116149 3 year old German shepherd she had rescued fromrepparttar 116150 animal shelter a few months earlier, wasrepparttar 116151 most precious part of her life. He seemed to know just what she was thinking and was devoted to Kim torepparttar 116152 point of being a fanatic.

He wouldn't leave her side…unlike most ofrepparttar 116153 other male companions she had previously had in her life.

Jack wasrepparttar 116154 perfect companion.

He gave her unconditional love, he was always there for her when she needed to talk to someone, he lavished his undivided attention on her, he never spoke back, and was always waiting patiently for her when she came home from her work atrepparttar 116155 pharmacy.

The early morning walks they shared helped her forgetrepparttar 116156 many troubles in her life, and allowed her just enjoy herself.

This morning was special.

She was onrepparttar 116157 first day of her annual two-week vacation, and had plans to take Jack up torepparttar 116158 mountains hiking and camping for a few days later inrepparttar 116159 week.

The thought of getting away fromrepparttar 116160 pressures of daily life made her feel a rush of adrenaline and Jack could sense her excitement, yelping and barking playfully as they frolicked inrepparttar 116161 grass atrepparttar 116162 top ofrepparttar 116163 ridge.

They played for over half an hour, then turned to head for home to have something to eat.

Maybe it wasrepparttar 116164 excitement of it all, but for whatever reason, Kimberly wasn't thinking straight as she undid Jack's leash to let him run on his own throughrepparttar 116165 grassy fields as they descendedrepparttar 116166 hill towardsrepparttar 116167 township below.

It happened in an instant.

Jack caught sight of a rabbit hiding inrepparttar 116168 grass and took off afterrepparttar 116169 animal in a frenzied rush of excitement and playful enthusiasm.

Kimberley called him back, but he was totally focused on catchingrepparttar 116170 rabbit and heard nothing butrepparttar 116171 creature's cries for help as it raced towardsrepparttar 116172 safety of its borough.

Jack was a beautiful sight to behold as he chasedrepparttar 116173 rabbit in full flight acrossrepparttar 116174 grassy field. Every second he gained onrepparttar 116175 small creature, until he was only 10 feet behind it and closing fast.

But Kim was looking on in horror.

The rabbit had built its borough close torepparttar 116176 edge ofrepparttar 116177 cliff, and Jack was running at full speed towardsrepparttar 116178 huge drop down torepparttar 116179 ocean below.

Kim could feelrepparttar 116180 fear welling up inside her and she frantically called him back as she ran towardsrepparttar 116181 cliff top herself. "Stop Jack!", she cried, but he paid no attention to her commands as he chasedrepparttar 116182 rabbit towardsrepparttar 116183 cliff top.

Just 6 feet short ofrepparttar 116184 cliff's edge,repparttar 116185 rabbit dropped intorepparttar 116186 safety of it's home below ground.

Jack didn't see whererepparttar 116187 animal went, and inrepparttar 116188 few seconds it took for him to realize thatrepparttar 116189 rabbit had escaped, his momentum carried him offrepparttar 116190 cliff and overrepparttar 116191 edge.

Kimberley screamed as she saw her beloved companion disappear out of sight. "No!" she cried as she ran headlong towardsrepparttar 116192 jagged cliff top.

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