The Art of Reading Your Buyer's Mind

Written by Kris Mills

Wouldn't it be fantastic if you had a crystal ball and you could read your prospects' minds you knew what they were thinking when you were making your sales presentation. You knew why there were consideringrepparttar product inrepparttar 129602 first place. You knew what they thought about your product in comparison with others. You knew what questions and objections were going through their mind.

In a face-to-face sales presentation you haverepparttar 129603 ability to gauge their body language and to ask feedback. With direct mail you simply don't have that luxury.

So, how do you know what they're thinking? And how do you write copy that addresses their questions and turns those objections into buying signals?

This is what I do.

After going through a special process where I put myself inrepparttar 129604 buyer's shoes and researchrepparttar 129605 products' offerings along with whatrepparttar 129606 competition is offering, I'll then say to myself, "If I was inrepparttar 129607 market for xyz product what additional information do I need and what would prevent me from buying it?"

I'll then write down a list of questions and address each of these questions in order of priority throughoutrepparttar 129608 communications piece.

Here are some typical questions that I will address when writing copy that sells B-2-B services?

1. My situation/business is unique, do you haverepparttar 129609 experience and/or intelligence to deliver a solution that meets my unique needs?

2. Do you understand my industry?

3. Do you understand my clients?

4. Do you haverepparttar 129610 track record to make me feel confident that they will generate results for me?

5. Are you well-versed regardingrepparttar 129611 most cutting-edge techniques

6. I've always performed this service internally, why should I outsource now?

7. How can an external company understand my business as well as I do?

8. What do your clients think about you?

9. The competitors are cheaper so why should I go with you?

10. Are your services appropriate for my size of business or my level of expertise?

11. I'm notrepparttar 129612 biggest fish inrepparttar 129613 sea, so how do I know that you won't treat me like a number?

12. Your competitors have been around a lot longer so why should I go with you?

13. I've always done okay doing what I'm doing, why should I change tack and use your type of service now?


Written by Arleen M. Kaptur

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A TRIP TO SUCCESS By: Arleen M. Kaptur

Today'srepparttar 129602 day - our bags are packed and we are on our way. Our destination is SUCCESS. Our car has enough ENTHUSIASM inrepparttar 129603 tank and we checked our 4 MOTIVATION tires to make sure they are ready forrepparttar 129604 road. Our map is clearly marked and we even brought a snack bag filled with cans of PURPOSE and SPIRT as well as assorted snacks named GOALS and PASSION. We double-checked with our insurance carrier, RESEARCH, and we are ready to roll!

The day is bright and sunny andrepparttar 129605 road itself is a beautiful ribbon of smooth concrete. Driving conditions are perfect andrepparttar 129606 scenery is breathtaking. We come across our first road sign just up ahead. It reads TRY ONLY ONCE - THEN STOP HERE. We decide to keep driving. But nowrepparttar 129607 road is getting rougher andrepparttar 129608 scenery is starting to get a little bleaker. The clouds seem to be building up and it looks like rain is inrepparttar 129609 forecast. We keep on going.

There's a motel torepparttar 129610 right with some cars around it. It's called THE DESERTED DREAMS MOTEL. There's also a restaurant onrepparttar 129611 left called THE BAR OF LOST HOPE. We have our snack pack so we keep on going.

We are trying to beatrepparttar 129612 storm that is fast approaching. We notice a lot of abandoned vehicles alongrepparttar 129613 roadway, They seem dusty and old. We hit a huge pothole and our car shakes a little.We decide to pull into a service station called DETERMINATION. They check out our vehicle and we are on our way again. The road is now mostly gravel andrepparttar 129614 turns are getting narrower. It is rough and bumpy and our car is finding it hard to maneuver some ofrepparttar 129615 twists.

A very large building is just ahead. It appears dark and foreboding. There are no lights on but a lot of cars and people are there. The sign says WECOME TO THE HOUSE OF OBSTACLES. COME AND STAY AWHILE WITH US. We keep on going.

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