"The Art of Networking Online"

Written by Merle

Yes, that's right I said "art." Learning to network online is an art form in itself. If you learnrepparttar ropes and do it correctly, you'll getrepparttar 125064 word out on your Net business and "win friends and influence people" all atrepparttar 125065 same time.

Don't get me wrong -- it's not easy, and it will involve donating some of your time and energy to help others. You'll be contributing your knowledge and experience, which inrepparttar 125066 long run will make you "shine" and come out looking like an expert in your field.

There are three main tools you'll need to incorporate into your daily life in order to become an "online networking warrior."

Here they are:

E-Mail: E-mail is an important part of your life as an online entrepreneur. You should be answering all of your email within 24 to 48 hours to show you're actually reading it and taking care of business. Nothing will turn people off faster then your not responding to their emails in a timely fashion. Stay on top of it. No matter whatrepparttar 125067 requests are takerepparttar 125068 time to answer each and everyone even if it's just to say "thank you."

Next, you should be subscribed to as many ezines as possible that cater to your field of expertise. By doing so you'll be keeping "your ear torepparttar 125069 ground," and will always be aware of any new trends or competitors in your field. I subscribe to hundreds.Do they take time to read? Yes. Is it time well spent? Absolutely. Many times I hear about new products/services before anyone else in my field, which gives me a competitive edge. Find ezines that are right for you and start subscribing to them today. You'll find many at:

http://www.LifestylesPub.com http://www.EzineDirectory.com/ http://www.Ezine-Dir.com/ http://ezine-universe.com/

Another way of utilizing email is to reach out and touch someone. No, I'm not talking about sending Spam here. Maybe you've just read a great article online, why not droprepparttar 125070 author a note telling him or her how much you enjoyed it. It's always nice to receive a friendly email with a sincere compliment. Who knows,that one email could turn that person into an alliance downrepparttar 125071 road who may be willing to do you a favor. He may even visit your website through your email signature and eventually become a client. Never miss an opportunity to "make friends" online and increase your networking circle.

Another tactic I often use comes into play when I see an article or a mention of a website where I knowrepparttar 125072 site owner. I'll send himrepparttar 125073 link so he can take a look with a short note stating "Hey, did you know you're mentioned here?" You'd be surprised atrepparttar 125074 number of people who didn't know their article was being run or that their website was being discussed and they really will appreciaterepparttar 125075 "heads up" from you. Again, never miss an opportunity to do something nice and get your name out there.

Build The Path and They Will Come

Written by James D. Brausch

Your profit is directly related torepparttar amount of sales you generate. Your sales are directly related torepparttar 125063 number of visitors you get to your website. Your visitor traffic is directly related to your web presence. Your web presence isrepparttar 125064 quantity and quality of paths that lead to your website.

Therefore,repparttar 125065 most important thing you can do to increase your profit is to increaserepparttar 125066 quantity and quality of paths to your website. It is as simple as that.

Here are five good ways to build new paths starting today. All of these methods take time, butrepparttar 125067 time spent is a good investment. Our clients pay us to improve their web presence and these arerepparttar 125068 methods we use for our clients and for ourselves.

1. Link Exchange

If you don't already have a link directory on your site, create one today. This is one ofrepparttar 125069 easiest and most effective methods of improving your web presence and building new paths to your website. You simply find sites similar in topic to your own and offer to trade links withrepparttar 125070 webmaster of these sites. This is one ofrepparttar 125071 oldest and most effective methods of building new paths to your site.

2. Publish Your Own Newsletter

If you don't have your own newsletter, start one today. Have several links in your newsletter to different pages on your site including: your archive of past articles, a page to subscribe to your newsletter (for those who receive it from a friend), a page to unsubscribe, a page to submit articles, etc.

When you send out your newsletter, you will be reminding past visitors to visit again. You will also be providing them an easy path back to your site withrepparttar 125072 links in your newsletter.

You should also make a note in your newsletter that your articles are available to be printed in another newsletter or on another website for free as long as a link is included to your website (another path).

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