The Art of Gratefulness

Written by Michael Angier

The word appreciate has several meanings. One is to be thankful or show gratitude. Another is to raise or increase in value--such as how a good investment appreciates with time. I think that by appreciating--practicing gratefulness--the things we have and want in our lives also increase.

In our hectic, fast-paced lives, itís easy to forget aboutrepparttar many things for which we have to be grateful. We tend to be goal-seeking, achievement-oriented people.

And thereís nothing wrong with that.

However, itís vitally important that we not lose sight ofrepparttar 124096 things that are near and dear--things we all too easily take for granted.

What we focus on expands. If we focus onrepparttar 124097 problems in our lives, they tend to increase. If we focus onrepparttar 124098 good things we already have, they too, have a tendency to grow.


Written by Oscar Bruce

REMEMBER THE TIME you could not think of anything to say torepparttar person sitting across from in that little cafť or acrossrepparttar 124095 conference table? You stammered when they looked your way. They smiled at you, but still, there was no way to reach out - and you lost yet another chance to make a good contact.

REMEMBER THAT PARTY, when you were standing off to one side by yourself, andrepparttar 124096 other people were stealing brief glances at you? Still you couldn't think ofrepparttar 124097 right things to say.

REMEMBER LEAVING THAT MEETING? Just ahead of you wasrepparttar 124098 person you really wanted to meet and get to know. You could not quite summon uprepparttar 124099 courage to approach. They walked away intorepparttar 124100 night and out of your life.

REMEMBER THE EXPERIENCE of uttering a sentence, then stopping and realizing that it wasn't exactly what you meant to say?

BY FAR THE MOST TERRIFYING BARRIER to developing relationships with strangers is learning to talk to them. Making first contact is sometimes fearful. Even thinking of approaching a new person makes you break out in a cold sweat.

YOU CAN'T GET THERE FROM HERE? How did things get like this, you wonder? It's because family and peer groups ripped from you at an early agerepparttar 124101 innocent social adeptness ofrepparttar 124102 young. The bullying and being "cut down to size" that passes for socialization scarred your psyche. The fearful result is that you are not just shy, but gun shy. But, all that can change. It can be accomplished.

CAN THIS ALL BE CHANGED, YOU ASK? The answer is - absolutely yes - becauserepparttar 124103 need to grow is instinctive inrepparttar 124104 human spirit. Additionally, self-improvement is proven to be not only confidence building, but therapeutic. In fact, failure to do so creates distress and forms of neuroses.

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