The Art Of Writing Powerful Classified Ads

Written by Bill Daugherty

One powerful little classified ad can make you a fortune! It will sell your product or service for months, even years, to come in any advertising venue you choose. Onrepparttar other hand, a weak ad won't produce enough income to justifyrepparttar 101067 time it takes you to write and submitrepparttar 101068 poor little thing.

Writing great ad copy may be an art form, but it's an art that can be easily learned with a little guidance and a little practice.

So stop wasting your time writing useless weak ads. You can write powerful ad copy every time if you will follow three simple rules.

Rule #1 The headline of your ad must catchrepparttar 101069 reader's attention instantly. Surfers scan ads at nearrepparttar 101070 speed of light and your ad is competing with a lot of other ads and information for their attention. The headline of your ad must bring that surfer to a screeching halt.

Rule #2 The body of your ad must not only holdrepparttar 101071 reader's attention, it should getrepparttar 101072 reader excited about your product or service. You want your visitors eager and ready buy your product or service before they reach your site.

Rule #3 The ad must target potential customers for your product or service. What's called a blind ad may draw a lot of visitors to your site, but few will buy, and we are looking for buyers, not "tire kickers." Right?

To illustrate just how strong an ad can be when these three rules are followed, I am going to show you two ads written forrepparttar 101073 same product. Let's say I have just gotten repparttar 101074 resell rights to a new Ebook about how to write great classified ads.

This first ad will demonstrate a weak ad for this product and doesn't followrepparttar 101075 three rules for writing powerful ads.

Ask Mr. D - On Tracking Ads

Written by Bill Daugherty

Dear Mr. D,

I am a retired postal worker. A couple of months ago I decided to supplement my retirement check by making a few extra dollars onrepparttar Internet. I figured that if I could making an extra $500 per month, my life would be a lot easier.

I joined an affiliate program and started advertising. The first full month I made a little less than $50. The second month I made exactly $50.

Can you tell me how I can drive this income to my $500 goal?


Stalled At $50


Dear Stalled At $50,

The 3 keys to increasing your Internet income are: traffic, traffic and traffic.

To increase your affiliate commissions from $50 to $500 you need to generate 10 times more traffic than your current rate. Now,repparttar 101066 question is how can you achieve this increase in traffic?

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