The Antichrist is coming

Written by Doug Krieger


Dear Mike M. (Churches of Christ) –

The website ofrepparttar Churches of Christ, though forrepparttar 143137 most part intensely evangelical, has committed a glaring oversight by alleging that John’s First Epistle does NOT speak ofrepparttar 143138 future, bodily personification ofrepparttar 143139 Antichrist. Insteadrepparttar 143140 emphasis is uponrepparttar 143141 “spirit of Antichrist” andrepparttar 143142 doctrine that many “antichrists” are gone out intorepparttar 143143 world (which is true) and that he who denies that “Jesus Christ is come inrepparttar 143144 flesh” is indeed antichrist and that there are “many antichrists” that are gone out intorepparttar 143145 world who shall arise inrepparttar 143146 Last Days—yet there shall berepparttar 143147 embodiment of a future end-times’ person called inrepparttar 143148 Bible: THE ANTICHRIST.

In essence, your site deniesrepparttar 143149 tangibility ofrepparttar 143150 Antichrist and commitsrepparttar 143151 issue to a “spiritual reality” only, while denyingrepparttar 143152 preponderance of Biblical justification for such a future reality. Anyone who deniesrepparttar 143153 Father andrepparttar 143154 Son bearsrepparttar 143155 “spirit of antichrist” only. Yet, you claim there is no such thing as THE Antichrist.

Initially, I dismissed your doctrine as a casual oversight until I realizedrepparttar 143156 profound nature ofrepparttar 143157 error juxtaposed torepparttar 143158 Gnosticism which John fought against inrepparttar 143159 early Church. Denyingrepparttar 143160 “materiality” and thence,repparttar 143161 “incarnation” that Jesus Christ came inrepparttar 143162 flesh—and that He resurrected with a physical body and ascended asrepparttar 143163 “Glorified Man” and is currently seated onrepparttar 143164 right hand of Godrepparttar 143165 Father asrepparttar 143166 Son of Man—wasrepparttar 143167 dastardly heresy that possessedrepparttar 143168 Gnostics and made their error so grievous inrepparttar 143169 early Church.


Written by Doug Krieger

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Chapter 1



Prophecy as usual—this is not!

Swirling amidstrepparttar confusion inrepparttar 143136 Middle East and amidst those inrepparttar 143137 media, think tanks, and Left-Behind-oriented prophecy buffs is a plethora of disjointed and ever-changing analyses and strategic conclusions/confusions which becloudrepparttar 143138 real issues playing out inrepparttar 143139 unfolding apocalyptic drama they interpret. Events twist and turn, but history’s inexorable march to finality confoundsrepparttar 143140 skeptic, thwartsrepparttar 143141 agnostic, and befuddlesrepparttar 143142 wise in his own conceits.

Yes, this is an eschatological compass which takes its cue fromrepparttar 143143 Book, but it’s not what you’d expect, not at all. Of Samuel Huntington’s major civilizations which encompassrepparttar 143144 globe, there are but three that militate against each other: Western, Chinese, and Islamic. All three, accordingrepparttar 143145 Bible (and this is not a wild eyed conjecture, but a calculated hermeneutic of Scripture) were forecast to clash “inrepparttar 143146 latter days” by Hebrew prophets Isaiah, Zechariah, Daniel and Ezekiel, and were substantiated by New Testament counterparts; namely, Jesus, Paul, and John.

No, “events have not overtaken us” . . . nor do we rely upon their fickle interpretations to fitrepparttar 143147 Biblical account. Torepparttar 143148 contrary,repparttar 143149 Word of God stands unalterable, unchanging, persistent in its discernment; yet, dynamic inrepparttar 143150 manifestation “byrepparttar 143151 prophetic Scriptures made known to all nations” atrepparttar 143152 close of this age (Romans 16:26a).

The current realignment of nations inrepparttar 143153 Middle East, and for that matter, throughoutrepparttar 143154 earth, astounds and comforts, persuades and consolesrepparttar 143155 masses onrepparttar 143156 planet . . . while alerting Gentile World Powers (“to all nations”), their days are numbered, for “with evil intent” have they conspired against His purposes (Zechariah 1:15).

Syria, Iran (Persia), Magog, Tubal, Togarmah and Mesheck (Turkey or Magog), Egypt, Libya and Cush (Sudan) have, are and will conspire together as they facerepparttar 143157 Willful King ofrepparttar 143158 West. This is not Lord ofrepparttar 143159 Rings: This isrepparttar 143160 unfolding of those final Biblical conflicts . . . Gog and Magog, andrepparttar 143161 Campaign of Armageddon. Here,repparttar 143162 West’s final confrontation withrepparttar 143163 Kings ofrepparttar 143164 East overrepparttar 143165 “Hidden Treasures” reaches its vile and horrid termination . . . forrepparttar 143166 Antichrist/Beast, False Prophet and Image have sought to amassrepparttar 143167 wealth ofrepparttar 143168 nations, subdue all nations, and destroyrepparttar 143169 witness of both Israel andrepparttar 143170 Church.

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