The American Dream, Has It Changed Us Or Have We Changed It?

Written by Scott Johnson

There is no doubt about it,repparttar way we handle money today has changed significantly torepparttar 135107 way our grandparents and parents handled it.

Overrepparttar 135108 last 40 years we have become a nation of consumers, instead of a nation of producers. We could be described as grazers living as a collective body, not knowing or realizing how far offrepparttar 135109 path we have strayed offrepparttar 135110 path.

Inrepparttar 135111 1950’s one would seldom hear of a person filing bankruptcy, being foreclosed on. Today however, if you live in a middle-class income neighborhood and drew a circle containing one hundred homes you would findrepparttar 135112 following:

At least one house would be empty from foreclosure, one foreclosure in process and, four to seven other neighbors who are more than three months behind on their house payment.

What has changed inrepparttar 135113 last 40 years has been a thing called debt. The family ofrepparttar 135114 late 1960s and 1970s, began to borrow! Banks and lending institutions began to aggressively market torepparttar 135115 American public and before long we were sold onrepparttar 135116 idea that borrowing was good. As a result, today we have financial products of all kinds and for all situations.

As a result, 2003 consumer debt surpassed 1.7 trillion dollars, credit cards account for almost half of that credit card debt.

Taking this into account, it is more difficult to building a secure financial future more difficult today then at any time prior. Not because there is a lack of investment vehicles to choose from, it is because we lack sufficient capital to invest. It is hard to be a “producer” when most of your money is tied up in debt and taxes.

What isrepparttar 135117 American Dream?

How does one achieverepparttar 135118 American Dream? The answer undoubtedly depends upon one’s definition ofrepparttar 135119 Dream. According to what our grandparents and parents told us,repparttar 135120 American dream was:

Easy Ways To Save Money Using Gas Tankless Water Heaters

Written by John Williams

Tankless water heaters are one ofrepparttar most effective tools in your home that you have in trying to fightrepparttar 134973 ever increasing gas, electric, and heating costs that is occurring acrossrepparttar 134974 United States.

Up until now, most Americans have hadrepparttar 134975 standard tank hot water heater in their homes to heat up their hot water for baths, showers and cooking and cleaning inrepparttar 134976 kitchen.

This is fine for people who are not overly concerned withrepparttar 134977 ongoing cost of their utilities bills, and for those who are not really worried aboutrepparttar 134978 kind of water heater they have installed.

These kinds of people generally either acceptrepparttar 134979 expensive heating bills that they receive inrepparttar 134980 mail, or they reducerepparttar 134981 amount of hot water and heat that they use and try to conserve dollars that way.

Unfortunately,repparttar 134982 concept of high bills is now becoming a reality for many people and so they are now starting to examine their bills and their water heaters.

People are now considering both gas and electric tankless water heater options in an effort to save money. We will examine gas tankless water heaters in this article.

Gas tankless water heaters use copper tube heat exchangers affect a transfer betweenrepparttar 134983 burning fuel - natural gas or LPG - andrepparttar 134984 water. Undertaking a transfer using gas is both energy and cost efficient and in fact,repparttar 134985 cost of heating water with gas is often much lower for people who use gas tankless water heaters as opposed torepparttar 134986 more traditional tank units.

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