The Amazing Profession of Motherhood

Written by Bill Dueease

Where would we be without mothers? In my opinion, Motherhood is very special profession. Motherhood also has very unique and demanding characteristics that are frequently misunderstood. Let me tell you why I believe that motherhood is an amazing and special profession.

Motherhood isrepparttar most important profession inrepparttar 149325 world. Mothers are entrusted, and are almost totally responsible forrepparttar 149326 health, care, training, morals, security, emotional strengths, attitudes, social understanding discipline, and learning success of their children. Collectively, mothers controlrepparttar 149327 development and growth of almost all children inrepparttar 149328 world, who eventually mature into adults. The relationships children and even adults have with their mothers shape who they become as adults. The results ofrepparttar 149329 efforts of mothers are universal, extremely powerful, everlasting, and extremely important to every person onrepparttar 149330 globe. Unfortunately, motherhood is not givenrepparttar 149331 respect and honor it deserves, asrepparttar 149332 world shaping profession it is.

Motherhood is a very difficult and diverse profession. Mothers are required to possessrepparttar 149333 knowledge, practicerepparttar 149334 skills, and performrepparttar 149335 duties of so many different life functions that it would be impossible to list them all. Here are but a few. Mothers must successfully perform as nurses, cooks, nutritionists, teachers, trainers, educators, coaches, therapists, disciplinarians, financial advisors, protectors, cleaning specialists, transportation specialists, sports enthusiasts, clothing and appearance specialists, peacemakers, mediators, and spiritual advisors. Wow!

Mothers are given little, if any, prior formal training. A vast majority ofrepparttar 149336 knowledge, skills, and experience of performing all ofrepparttar 149337 important motherhood life functions are learned ON THE JOB. I know of no college or university that teaches or trains mothers. They must learn motherhood on their own, and by following their instincts. Other professions like attorneys, medical doctors, and dentists, must attend anywhere from six-to-ten years of additional education after high school to be qualified to begin their profession. Yet, mothers are required to be fully knowledgeable of all motherhood requirements and operate at almost full speed from virtuallyrepparttar 149338 very beginning of motherhood, with very little, if any, training.

Motherhood is a non-income producing profession. Even though mothers performrepparttar 149339 most important profession inrepparttar 149340 world, they rarely, if ever, generate monetary income from their motherhood efforts. Mothers are not paid to perform their multitude of very important duties and activities. Mothers are rarely paid to change diapers, prepare meals, or train their children. Mothers are frequently supported by their husbands, who are expected to generate enough income to pay for their needs. Unfortunately today, there appears to be an increasing trend of expecting mothers to continue performing their full time motherhood professional duties and also work at an income-producing job to generate money.

The time and energy demands on mothers diminish with time. Asrepparttar 149341 youngest child grows up,repparttar 149342 time demands, effort demands, mental involvement, and personal contact by mothers with their children will shrink. Motherhood with young babies is almost a 24 hours, seven days a week profession. Think ofrepparttar 149343 relief mothers feel when their youngest baby finally sleeps throughrepparttar 149344 night forrepparttar 149345 first time, without awakening for feeding or to have a diaper changed. The job requirements of motherhood are greatly reduced, as their youngest child goes off to school. Time and energy demands on mothers diminish even more as their youngest child continues to grow and attend even more out ofrepparttar 149346 house activities. Eventually, mothers will be faced with an empty nest asrepparttar 149347 purposes of their motherhood vocation depart.

Mothers feel frustrated in their quest for a new profession. Mothers frequently feel stymied when they seek new careers. They feel inadequate because they have been out ofrepparttar 149348 work force for so long, or because they feel they have less education than they think is necessary, or because they are older than other potential entry level workers, or because finding and applying for jobs and can be a daunting and confusing process. Unfortunately,repparttar 149349 normal Human Resources culture ofrepparttar 149350 corporate world andrepparttar 149351 owners of small business donít always treat empty nest mothers as a valuable source of productive workers.

Mothers of Home Based Business, don't be afraid of marketing globally.

Written by Miha Thornton

Beforerepparttar Internetrepparttar 149244 thought of marketing a product to a foreign country, to people who spoke a foreign language was, well something that small marketers from home didn't contemplate very much.

Imagine beforerepparttar 149245 Internet how difficult it would be to sell a Barbie Doll from Kmart to a buyer in Russia, Singapore or Eastern Europe.

Just to reach a potential customer with your ad is almost overwhelming when you think about how you'd try to do it.

Then accept payment in that foreign currency and executerepparttar 149246 rest ofrepparttar 149247 transaction.

Fast forward now torepparttar 149248 age ofrepparttar 149249 Internet and suddenly advertising your Barbie doll to a foreign person in a foreign country who'll be paying in foreign currency can be a mere formality.

And it's not just restricted to Barbie Dolls. The sky isrepparttar 149250 limit.

The main online companies that make all this possible and incredibly easy and efficient are google, ebay, paypal, and yahoo. There are other players like clickbank who can also help if you're dealing in instantly downloadable products.

Between these five are allrepparttar 149251 resources and tools you need to target and push your message further than you ever thought possible.

Internet Marketing in 2005 is all about niche marketing. Finding a not so crowded niche that you can hone your skills and interests to make money online and at home is becoming more and more popular.

What about creating a niche by targeting a foreign market?

All you need is a friend or acquaintance or someone you pay on an hourly basis who can speakrepparttar 149252 language you're targeting.

Plus, a computer with an operating system that can read and write inrepparttar 149253 targeted language. Once you have these two criteria, you're most ofrepparttar 149254 way there.

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