The Almost Complete Ezine Promotion List

Written by Kurt Geer

Every Ezine writer knows that just publishing an ezine is notrepparttar only task that is involved in writing a Great ezine. You must constantly search for new material and ways to promote your list also.

Ofrepparttar 124364 152 places compiled below, if you join a few lists a day to promote your list, you will have a nice number of readers before too long. You also may meet a few good publishers alongrepparttar 124365 way.

Along with writing, promoting, ad swaps and finding content to fit each issue, ezines publisher Do have a life offline. This list is to help those laboring at their keyboards week after week.

Nobody said it was going to be easy, or did they?

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74 email lists to list your eZine *Monthly*

59 Websites to list your eZine

Part #1- "Easy Steps to Creating Your Very Own Ezine"

Written by Merle

It seems like everyone and his dog is publishing an ezine these days...and from what I've seen,repparttar dog's may be better than most. So why -- if there are so many ezines out there -- do you need to publish one? The answer is simple: If you have a website where you are selling goods and/or services you need to establish an opt in list of visitors to your site.

The majority of people who visit your site won't buy from yourepparttar 124363 first time, but by offering them a chance to sign up for your ezine you get a chance to extend your communication with them, establish a "relationship," and possibly turn them into a customer sometime downrepparttar 124364 road.

Right about now you're scratching your head saying to yourself "but I don't knowrepparttar 124365 first thing about publishing a newsletter; where do I start?" That's where I come in. I'm going to lead you downrepparttar 124366 primrose path and show you exactly what you need to do and just how to do it.

Step #1) The first step is to decide on a title for your new ezine. You may want to incorporate your business name into it or choose something related to its theme. For example, if your company name was "Bob's Automotive" you may choose something like "Bob's Automotive Press". Speaking of themes, your ezine's theme needs to relate to your site. If your site is a pet supply store then your ezine should be on animal care and tips, or training. If your site sells your services as an online marketing consultant, your ezine should center on teaching people how to market and promote their own websites.

Step #2) So now you have an ezine name and you know whatrepparttar 124367 theme is, you need to decide where your newsletter will live. This is often referred to as list management and your best bet is to source it out or check with your web host and see if they supply this service as part of your account. Don't think for a minute you can manage an ezine with just your email program. A list can grow to a substantial size and you need to prepare in advance for this fromrepparttar 124368 very beginning.

If you're trying to save money, I'd highly recommend you sign up with one ofrepparttar 124369 many free list host services that are available. They work great, and make it easy for people to subscribe and unsubscribe at will. The only trade off to using a free service isrepparttar 124370 advertising they will place atrepparttar 124371 very top of your ezine forrepparttar 124372 privilege of your free account. But remember, they are hosting your list for free so they've got to get something in return, too.

Here are some list hosts you may want to try:

Yahoo Groups:

My personal favorite andrepparttar 124373 one I use for managing all three of my ezines. I've been with them sincerepparttar 124374 old days when they were called Egroups (before Yahoo bought them out). The service works great and is free in exchange for a banner ad they place atrepparttar 124375 top of each issue. You can also haverepparttar 124376 ad removed for a nominal fee. Make sure you set your list up as "moderated." This keeps outsiders from posting to your list, which is something you'd only want if you were setting it up for two-way discussion.

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