The Almost Complete Ezine Promote It List

Written by Kurt Geer

Every Ezine writer knows that just publishing an ezine is notrepparttar only task that is involved in writing a Good ezine. You must constantly search for new material and ways to promoterepparttar 124389 list also. Ofrepparttar 124390 list compiled below, if you join a few lists a day to promote your own list, you will have a nice number of subs before too long. You also may meet a few good publishers alongrepparttar 124391 way who may want to swap ads, which is another way to get more subs. Some ofrepparttar 124392 lists have less than 100 subs, but if we all join them, their subs list will grow and it will be better for everyone inrepparttar 124393 long run. hasrepparttar 124394 most lists and it is super easy to subscribe in Digest form onrepparttar 124395 web, to cut down onrepparttar 124396 amount of email you receive each day. This can also be done at, and *once a Month*,,,

How to build your ezine list by "buying" subscribers

Written by Phil Wiley

It's getting harder and harder to build a decent subscription base for your ezine.

Inrepparttar old days, two or three years ago, word of mouth and other free methods were enough to build your list. But now there is so much competition that people are already suffering from ezine overload.

One way - andrepparttar 124388 best way if you can write well and quickly - is to submit articles to ezines and websites. But writing well is not something all of us can do.

But one other sure-fire way to get new readers is pay for them. Call it advertising if you like.

We all know that advertising works. The big companies arerepparttar 124389 ones that spend most on advertising and marketing. The biggerrepparttar 124390 promotional budgetrepparttar 124391 biggerrepparttar 124392 sales. When I was in Englandrepparttar 124393 other week I read that Walkers Crisps becamerepparttar 124394 countries biggest selling potato chip last year by spending around $500 million dollars on advertising. Do you think they'd have reached that coveted number one spot without spending big on advertising? Of course they wouldn't.

It stands to reason that if you advertise your ezine heavily you're going to get a lot more subscribers than if your ezine remains a little known secret.

( though whether you retainrepparttar 124395 new subscribers you "buy" depends onrepparttar 124396 quality of your publication )

Here's what to do:

1. Decide how much you can afford to spend on promotional activities...on marketing/advertising. Set aside a budget for buying advertising - whether it's a percentage ofrepparttar 124397 income you make from your web site, or just money you can afford to set aside by quitting smoking or something. You also need to work out how much a new subscriber is worth. Here's a clip from Ken Evoy's brilliant Sales From The Edge ezine, which you can subscribe to


"Before forking out any money, always think of what you can get in return first (sorry, I'm a mercenary guy here). So ask yourself... if you pay $x per click-through, how much profit can you get in return?

Confused? A little math will clear things up in a jiffy...

Suppose you are selling a digital product (i.e., zero incremental per-unit cost of production) at $50, and you have a 1% conversion ratio, i.e., you make one sale for every 100 visitors. So one visitor is worth $0.50 ($50/100), and that isrepparttar 124398 maximum amount you should bid at for each keyword. We will call this your BID CAP."


Of course, if you're not selling a product, just giving away an ezine, you need to look at it a little differently. A simple way is to add up your monthly advertising income + affiliate program sales income and divide it byrepparttar 124399 number of subscribers. If you make $500 a month from 2000 subscribers then each subscriber is worth 25 cents. ( though if they stay subscribers they will be worth a whole lot more over time ).

2. Buy spots on Goto and similar pay-per-clickthro search engines. I've listed a few onrepparttar 124400 Goto pages I put up at You'll also find links to some great Goto keyword tools

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