"The All Important Question: Crack It"

Written by S. Kumar

"The All Important Question: Crack It" (c) Copyright S. Kumar 2002 http://www.learnhomebusiness.com

The all important questions is:

"Do we have to believe EXACTLY whatrepparttar known gurus have to say, follow them blindly as per their dictum and LOOSE Money?

Recent developments have proved that small website owners loose money by blindly following gurus without a second thought.

It's a self-imposed trap!

*Before you fall into Impulsive-Money-Parting ways, consider these suggestions*

____________________________________ Check --Before Joining An Affiliate Program

What is a good affiliate program? Check for these 8 attributes before you think of joining a program. If you score 5 of them correctly you can join it.

1. --Offers High first-purchase commission on customers referred by you. 2. --Life time commission on all future purchases done byrepparttar 102515 'customer' originally referred by you. 3. --Commissions on sales generated by 'affiliates' referred by you. 4. --Free to join programs where companies will not ask up-front money from you. 5. --Has high-demand info products or services that gives you minimum 50% Commission. 6. --Rapidly growing product line that enables you to sell more products. 7. --Chance for ongoing education, training and learning opportunities. 8. --Provides superb marketing tools to build business, provides personal support if required.

For e.g. You can check out our own Affiliate Program for about 40 products and judge whether we score more than 5! http://www.learnhomebusiness.com/affiliate.htm

_________________________________ Check --Before Buying An Info-Product

No doubt! There are some excellent eBooks out there. But what is a good eBook?

An eBook is as good as its author, and some authors are notorious for recyclingrepparttar 102516 same content, give a different title to it and resell it back to us! --which we already possess!

Manage Your Objectives with Affiliate Programs

Written by Rob Dutroux

This isrepparttar most important thing you can do for yourself and your business BEFORE you start marketing: you NEED to first KNOW your product and/or service. Your objective is to become an expert at it, a professional guide to your prospects, a leader of integrity to your down-line. This is critical if you expect to be successful.

Whatever you do in life, there's always one weapon that's there to back you up. Powerful, life changing and full of impact, it can deciderepparttar 102514 difference between success and failure.

In business, this weapon either gets yourepparttar 102515 sale or it doesn't. The power it supplies is directly dependant onrepparttar 102516 ammunition that YOU provide. What is this weapon? The name is COMMUNICATION.

You should carefully read every web-page on your web-site. NO shortcuts! Why? Because knowing your business in and out will make you an expert of all that it offer. This allows you to confidently and accurately respond to your prospects and down-lines most commonly asked questions.

Lack of planning and disorganization combined will not producerepparttar 102517 results you desire. Yet, so many people treat their business in just that manner.

Words arerepparttar 102518 life-blood of communication. They portray thoughts, feelings, emotions, ideas. They bridgerepparttar 102519 gap betweenrepparttar 102520 idea-bearer andrepparttar 102521 recipient. They provide infinite possibilities.

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