The All-New 2005 Ford Escape Hybrid and Parts, the first Hybrid Vehicle of Its Class

Written by Jenny McLane

After Toyota’s introduction ofrepparttar Prius,repparttar 139502 first hybrid vehicle, in 1997 which was followed byrepparttar 139503 debut of Honda Insight two years later in America, General Motors adoptedrepparttar 139504 Hybrid technology to their vehicle withrepparttar 139505 2005 Ford Escape Hybrid. The introductionrepparttar 139506 Escape Hybrid isrepparttar 139507 first entry of any American vehicle inrepparttar 139508 market. As to Ford’s pioneering model,repparttar 139509 Escape is produced on a limited number. 2004 brought only 3000-4000 units of Ford Escape which began its production in late July. About 16,000 to 17,000 units are scheduled to be onrepparttar 139510 production line in 2005 but withrepparttar 139511 demand increasingly high,repparttar 139512 number might increase.

Asrepparttar 139513 law of supply and demand applies torepparttar 139514 Escape, buyers will not get any discounts and rebates for this high-priced SUV ranging from $26,970 for Front Wheel Drive which can reach up to $33,000 for a fully optioned vehicle to $28,595 forrepparttar 139515 All-Wheel Drive. They have to settle torepparttar 139516 idea that they are one ofrepparttar 139517 few owners of this first of its kind SUV.

The 2005 Ford Escape runs on a 4-cylinder gasoline engine with an electric drive system to deliverrepparttar 139518 performance of a V-6. It is typically an electric car that uses electric power engine to operate. Unlike other hybrid vehicles like Honda Accord which uses IMA orrepparttar 139519 integrated motor assist which always atrepparttar 139520 gas mode and kick to electric for additional power when needed,repparttar 139521 Ford Escape use electric as long as possible then switch to gas when needed. The electric motor can reachrepparttar 139522 peak of up to 70 kilowatts for an additional of 93hp.

A Car Resale Value - A Car Buying Guide

Written by John G. Nuble

Right offrepparttar bat, let's clear one thing up. You will not profit from buying a car unless you intend to, or are already inrepparttar 139245 business of buying and selling cars. Depreciation will decreaserepparttar 139246 value of your carrepparttar 139247 longer you use it, no matter what. It isn't an investment, so no matter how you carefully treat it, you can never makerepparttar 139248 money you bought your car with back, much more make a profit off it.

Now with that out ofrepparttar 139249 way, here are some tips to guide you in your car buying expedition, particularly if you do not intend to keeprepparttar 139250 car for life. These are tips to maintainrepparttar 139251 substantial resale value of your new car. Think of it as acceptingrepparttar 139252 fate that your first car buying experience will have to end in a break-up.

- Stick with classic colors and options. A neon green car may strike your fancy, even if no one really understands why, but buying a car fit for resale entails sticking torepparttar 139253 basics.

- Remember that setting uprepparttar 139254 car's engines, audio and detail accessories will not necessarily boostrepparttar 139255 resale value of your car. Why juice it up anyway if you know you want a more expensive car for keeps downrepparttar 139256 financially stable road?

- There are some detailing jobs that will remain classic resale boosts: a nice stereo, sun roofs and leather seats.

- Buying a car that is easily maintained helps, too. Readily available parts and a familiar engine will keep maintenance hassles to a minimum. Polish it, have regular check ups and get multi-point inspections done.

- Think about safety when buying a car. Check ifrepparttar 139257 latest technologies in car safety are present inrepparttar 139258 car. A safe car is a more resalable car than muscle-packed, speed mobiles. Check for airbags, anti-lock breaks, traction control, electronic stability and side airbags.

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