The Age of NOW

Written by Pamela Geiss

Are you allowing enough time for your business to be successful? You know, this isrepparttar age of "NOW".

Everyone seems to want everything NOW. Kids get into selling drugs to make money forrepparttar 117852 things they want NOW. People order something and want it NOW. We send an email and expect it to be delivered NOW. We then expect an answer NOW.

Alongrepparttar 117853 same vein, we learn there are millions onrepparttar 117854 Internet and expect success NOW. We are told by advertisers that we can get in this business NOW and make money NOW. We start our own business and wonder why in 2 months we aren't ready to retire and move in next to Bill Gates.

GET A GRIP! GET REALISTIC! Life doesn't work that way. Business doesn't work that way. The only difference in setting up a business onrepparttar 117855 Internet and doing it in a brick building is you can reach more people easier, but it still takes time to BUILD your business.

You have to PROVE to people that you are a legitimate business. How do you do that? You hang in there and get testimonials and HELP OTHERS. You do everything you can to getrepparttar 117856 word out about your business. You ask your satisfied customers to recommend you to their business associates. You ask for testimonials. You work HARD. You don't let yourself get discouraged. You BELIEVE in what you are selling, and if you don't, you find something else.

Protect Your E-book Files and Make A Lot of Money!

Written by Wayne Perkins

Three years ago I was giving my first E-book keynote speech beforerepparttar Arizona Book Publishing Association, when one ofrepparttar 117851 esteemed publisher members asked me a very pointed question.

"What happens if someone steals your file and sells it or gives it away all overrepparttar 117852 Internet?"

Until I was asked that question I thought I was Sutter striking gold in California.

"How do you keep people from stealing your work?"

Beads of perspiration formed on my face and hands. I had cottonmouth. This is a bad dream. Why didn't I think of this before?

My mind immediately regressed to conversations with other professional speakers relating horrifying incidents where they discovered their "signature story" was being retold.

I thought aboutrepparttar 117853 many times I heard professional speakers telling Dr. Charles Jarvis's special Little Bird story without giving credit to Dr. Jarvis

I wondered how much easier it would be to takerepparttar 117854 Little Bird story as a file formatted in a common program like Microsoft Word for windows and then spread it to many thousands or even millions of people through e-mail.

Do you think that can happen? I think so.

Overrepparttar 117855 last 3 years many companies have become involved in creating encryption techniques that protect your e-book files from theft.

However, none ofrepparttar 117856 encryption techniques are fail-safe. In fact many times when you download an encrypted book,repparttar 117857 files are so huge and difficult to open that you end up canceling your order.

I was recently giving a teleseminar and an attendee asked a most common question.

The question was, "how to I keep someone from stealing my -e-book?

I decided to answerrepparttar 117858 attendee's question with a question.

Why do you care if they steal your e-book?

She replied" Because I will lose money."

That is whenrepparttar 117859 light bulb went off in my brain. Companies that are spending all that money and putting in all that effort to encrypt e-books are throwing their money away. They are protecting people from opening e-books which really isn't'repparttar 117860 major concern.

The problem is protectingrepparttar 117861 authors fromrepparttar 117862 potential loss of fame and fortune.

Telling Dr. Jarvis's Little Bird Story without his citation isn't'repparttar 117863 problem. The problem is inrepparttar 117864 potential loss of Dr. Jarvis's fame and fortune due to telling his story.

The loss of your e-book files represents a potential loss of your fame and fortune.

You lose no inventory if someone steals a digital file. Once you complete an e-book and post it on-line you automatically have 6 Billion copies in print. You have enough inventory for every man, woman and child on earth.

If one person reads your e-book and does not pay for it you may have one fan. If 100,000 people read it for free you may have a 100,000 fans.

A question I have is can you earn more money and have more fame with one fan or with 100,000 fans?

Overrepparttar 117865 last few weeks I have successfully completedrepparttar 117866 best e-book encryption system ever devised and it is yours absolutely free.

This Encryption system will allow virtually anyone to open and read your e-books, and yet this system will protect your fame and fortune.

The Perkins E-book Fame and Fortune Encryption System---Version 4.1 PEFAFES

Components ofrepparttar 117867 Perkins E-book fame and fortune encryption system or PEFAFES

1. You need an e-book. An e-book can be 5 page or 500 pages long. You arerepparttar 117868 expert in your field. You get to callrepparttar 117869 shots on e-book size. You will advertise how to purchase additional copies of your e-book as well as how to purchaserepparttar 117870 Infoproduct mentioned later.

2. You need a tasty article. This article will be related to your e-book. The purpose ofrepparttar 117871 article is to enticerepparttar 117872 reader to purchase your e-book. (Component #1)

The web address where article readers may find and purchase your e-book will be included.

3. You need an Infoproduct. An Infoproduct is an expansion ofrepparttar 117873 article or extra information you forgot to include in your e-book. If your Infoproduct is exactlyrepparttar 117874 same content as your article you may want to add special examples or additional Internet resources where web visitors may receive more information. Include many ofrepparttar 117875 free resources on your own website. You will advertise your e-book price and your infoproduct price inrepparttar 117876 infoproduct text.

Here is your free copy ofrepparttar 117877 revolutionary PEFAFES system.

Example ofrepparttar 117878 Encryption System

For this example assume you are a public speaker who talks onrepparttar 117879 topic of "How to Win At Gambling"

You have a website titled ""

The title of your e-book is: 101 Winning Poker Strategies" Price $9.95

Create an article that you will post to major websites onrepparttar 117880 Internet. You will offer your article free to webmasters in return for a link torepparttar 117881 description page of your book located on your website or a website that fulfills your e-book orders.

Title this article "3 Ways to Win at Poker."

Let's say your e-book title is: "101 Winning Poker Strategies" Price 9.95

Your book is loaded with references about you, your contact information and hot links to places on your website for more information about gambling and it includes references to your other e-books, consulting services and detailed contact information.

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