The Affiliate Game- Find Your Own Treasure

Written by The Creative Affiliate- Karen Vesgaard

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The Affiliate Game- Find Your Own Treasure


If you're perfectly content, and just Know you've already foundrepparttar 102522 potential Gold inrepparttar 102523 Affiliate Program you've chosen to market, then this WeekEnd Project may not interest you.

But for most of us, deciding what to market onrepparttar 102524 internet is muchrepparttar 102525 same as a Treasure Hunt.

And any good Treasure Hunt should always begin with good research.

So, let's put on our Indiana Jones hat, grab our trusty whip..(those pesky commission bandits are everywhere!)

And go on a Scouting Expedition.

The purpose of this scouting expedition is to help you establish What Kind of Treasure You Want to Find.

What has always been your passion?

Ancient Carvings and statues made of pure gold, and embedded with rare gems, found only inrepparttar 102526 depths of a Peruvian Jungle..Priceless and Rare

Or Shipwrecks loaded with stolen coins from a pirates trove.

Lost manuscripts buried deep withinrepparttar 102527 sands for untold centuries just waiting for that intrepid explorer to bring their secrets to light.

Ok..let's come back to earth (present day) for a moment..

What do we have so far? What do these bring to mind?

Antiquities, Antiques, Art, Carvings, Rare Gems, Shipwrecks, Pirates, History, Exploring, Coins, Manuscripts, Lost and out of print books..

Whatever strikes your interest,,

3 Magical Steps For Creating A Profitably Potent Affiliate Program

Written by Grady Smith

There are a few reasons why your affiliate program isn’t bringing inrepparttar traffic and profits you’ve always hoped for. And below, I’ve outlined 5 quick ways to change that so you can get more traffic and profits usingrepparttar 102521 power of “super” affiliates.

1) Make Sure Your Sales Letter Converts. Nothing puts a damper on an affiliate program quicker than having affiliates sending you tons of traffic but not giving them anything in return.

If your sales letter really works hard to turn prospects into customers, then you’re going to make your affiliates (and yourself) really happy.

So, spend sometime getting your sales letter converting well. Study how to write better copy, or hire a professional to write you a hard-selling letter.

2) Offer Affiliate Tools. This is so important. Most affiliates will promote your program if you give themrepparttar 102522 tools to do it.

Hire someone to design some strong banners. Create a weekly “affiliate tips” newsletter to share new ideas. Create sales letters and graphics affiliates can use that will work to getrepparttar 102523 word out on your product fast.

3) Start An Affiliate Contest where you give away prizes for top sellers and those most improved. Or, make an offer that an affiliate making 10 sales through their link gets your product free. It doesn’t cost much to run a contest of this type, andrepparttar 102524 return is great.

4) Define Your Perks And Tell Potential Affiliates Why They Should Promote Your Program.

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