The Advantages of Owning an Online Home Business

Written by Clint Null

The Advantages of Owning an Online Home Business

By Clint Null

Millions of people are doing searches on their local search engines everyday trying to find businesses that will allow them to work from home. After all,repparttar Internet is a HUGE marketplace and online business owners are making a fortune. That's not to say that these business owners did not sweat blood and tears to set up their Online Home Businesses and go for months if not years before they saw one ounce of profit. But if you would ask any of them right now if it was worth it, I guarantee you they will tell you.YES!

Let's look at some ofrepparttar 116817 advantages of owning an Online Home Business versusrepparttar 116818 tradition 9-5 career.

No Commute

Many of us are lucky enough to live close to our place of employment, but that doesn't go to say that we don't have to set a stringent schedule that starts withrepparttar 116819 alarm clock going off, rushing torepparttar 116820 coffee pot, making breakfast for our families, rotating shower times, getting our children dressed and off to school, and on top of that makingrepparttar 116821 commute to our day jobs. Byrepparttar 116822 time most of us get to work, we feel as though we have already put in a hard days work.

Can you imagine owning an Online Home Business and putting all of this behind you? Imagine starting work each day when you are ready too, without having to rush. You may even want to skiprepparttar 116823 shower and work in your pajamas. This is what many of us do.

Be your own boss

Nothing is more aggravating for those of us who have bosses who you swear were prison wardens in another life. Breathing down your back, making unreasonable demands, and caring nothing for your family or personal health.

Can you imagine owning an Online Home Business and being your own boss? You could decide when you would work, and how long. If you wanted to take a day or two off, then you could make that decision without facingrepparttar 116824 repercussions from your boss. If you needed to stop inrepparttar 116825 middle ofrepparttar 116826 day to run errands or pick your children up from school, you could do this also.

Family Time

I will never forget as long as I liverepparttar 116827 things that I missed out on with my family because I had to go to work. Many of us feel that we work to live, but our companies turn us in to people who live to work. This above all else wasrepparttar 116828 biggest reason that I started a home based business onrepparttar 116829 Internet. Sadly enough, I didn't discover online home businesses until my children were almost grown, but I plan on making some of this up to them by being able to help raise my grandchildren and providing a residual income to my children long after I am gone.

Part 1 of 5 - How "Pipe Dreams" Can Become

Written by Jon Kogan

Part 1 of 5 - How "Pipe Dreams" Can Become Realities! 2004, Jon Kogan, All Rights Reserved.

Take a look at yourself - inside and out. Where do you live what job do you have, how do you relate to your friends and family? What interests do you pursue, what adventures do you have?

What do you truly want from life? Do you want wealth and success, happiness and peace of mind? Do you want a family and a yard, a yacht or a sports car? Where are you going? Do you have a particular goal or are you just wandering through life?

You can accomplish anything you want in life - that's true. Once you have a particular goal, you can fulfill that desire by straightforward commitment and total conviction.

But what if you don't know what you want? Maybe your goals are small ones - like losing some weight, or buying a new car. Maybe getting a promotion of finding a mate. Whether you want a bigger apartment or want to be a corporation president, any avenue of prosperity and achievement is open to you if it is truly what you want.

No goal is too small; no dream is too big. And even if you aren't clear on your desires, you can tap into your subconscious mind to getrepparttar answers and to findrepparttar 116816 paths to success.

Can you change your life - do you want to? Can you picture yourself as your most perfect image of accomplishment? How does it feel? If you haverepparttar 116817 desire to attain goals,repparttar 116818 commitment to follow through andrepparttar 116819 ability to creatively imagine yourself inrepparttar 116820 position you dream of, you are more than halfway there.

The most successful leaders and artists throughout history have followed specific paths and attained their hearts' desires. Keep an open mind and a hopeful outlook - then change your thinking. Put onrepparttar 116821 clothes of success. Act as though you already have accomplished your desires. Then letrepparttar 116822 reality catch up.


Take a choice: money, health, physical energy, beauty, power, recognition, adventure, contentment, achievement, authority, self-expression, love, peace of mind, enlightenment. Would you like any of these? If you are like most people today, you probably want ALL of these.

But if you search your true desires, you might find that there are a few things you want more than others. And, if you keep going in your search, you'll find one desire that has been with you your whole lifetime and isrepparttar 116823 one path you need to follow.

Although money isrepparttar 116824 obvious desire, it is usually notrepparttar 116825 final goal. Indeed, money can, and does buy happiness - up to a point. Once you have enough money to be financially secure or to purchaserepparttar 116826 material objects you want,repparttar 116827 true desire might be something else.

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