The Advantage of Becoming a Recognized Name

Written by Bill Platt

If you are reading this article today, you are likely among those who are working an online business. Unfortunately, you have already learned that finding customers is not as easy as you once thought it would be. Many people have brokenrepparttar bank and their dreams searching for that first customer or second customer.

Having discoveredrepparttar 129510 challenge of finding customers has left you with a feeling of not knowing quite what to do. That is why you read ezines or visit websites like this one. You are searching forrepparttar 129511 knowledge that you feel you are lacking. You open each new issue of each ezine you subscribe to looking for repparttar 129512 help you need to find your first customer or even to increase uponrepparttar 129513 customers you have already found.

See,repparttar 129514 greatest challenge we all face is not finding people who need our products or services. Instead, our greatest challenge is actually building trust inrepparttar 129515 hearts and minds ofrepparttar 129516 people who need our products or services. This is why most people have such difficulty in findingrepparttar 129517 customers we all need.

Online marketers cannot establish trust with one single advertisement! They cannot establish trust with one impression of their banner! One might get lucky and getrepparttar 129518 click-through onrepparttar 129519 advertisement or banner, but that click-through will only generate a sale for one in two hundred visitors. Scary, isn't it?

To stop and realize thatrepparttar 129520 average onrepparttar 129521 Internet is five sales per thousand visitors can make it frightening to most beginners to online marketing. The term "beginner" in this area could apply to anyone who has been marketing online for less than 3 years. Yes, it is a steep learning curve onrepparttar 129522 web! Most people quit before they ever get torepparttar 129523 three year mark --- quitting long before they have given themselvesrepparttar 129524 chance to succeed.

Most marketing polls suggest that it will take you seven exposures before you will have earned enough trust to get a sale online or offline. What that means is that your potential customer must see your name and your ads a minimum of seven times before you can expect their interest to peak enough to give you a second look.

That is what makes advertising online so very difficult. With more than 200 million people online,repparttar 129525 chance of hittingrepparttar 129526 same person twice with your advertising is slim to none if you are advertising your waresrepparttar 129527 same as most people are.

Most people try to advertise withrepparttar 129528 scatter shot approach. They throw an ad out there hoping to hit as many people as possible and then move on torepparttar 129529 next ad or next advertising medium. With this scatter shot approach, their chance of hitting one person twice is astronomical! The chance of hitting that personrepparttar 129530 required seven times is nearly impossible.

The "Rule of Seven" is why most marketers begin their own ezine. As a publisher, it is easy to hit your seven times in repparttar 129531 trust building process. The difficulty of this method is growingrepparttar 129532 mailing list size. As a publisher, it is fairly easy to keep subscribers --- gettingrepparttar 129533 subscribers isrepparttar 129534 real difficulty.


Written by Craig Lock

13. Use HUMOUR. People like to have a bit of fun withrepparttar occasional laugh, whilst being informed on a serious subject. At least I believe so! I try to write to share, inform and hopefully even "entertain a little".

14. Write from "your heart", so that you come across as a "REAL" person. Just write what comes naturally with INTEGRITY...and BE YOURSELF.

15. Be totally honest in your writing and don't "borrow" too much from others content. It's so easy to "steal" onrepparttar 129508 www - so do your own work and if you "borrow ideas or material, ACKNOWLEDGE. "Incidentally, I have borrowed some ideas in this article from some good writers and well-known internet marketers - thanks a lot, David, Michael, John, Meredith, Joe and Edward).

16. Be humble…and don't talk down to your readers.

17. Use bullets (not live, please) in your articles - it makesrepparttar 129509 points easy to follow.

18. Don't forget your byline ...or your "business card". Make sure that you resource box atrepparttar 129510 end ofrepparttar 129511 article provides enough information to identify yourself and provide contact information. It's FREE advertising.

19. Offer a free report with your article - this is an easy way to collect a list of adresses for marketing your product(s). An instant target market.

20. Check allrepparttar 129512 links in your article before submitting it.

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