The Ad Writers Tip List

Written by /"Wild Bill/" Montgomery

Whether you are a seasoned copywriter or writing your first ad, you must understand and relate to "How People Think, Feel and Respond".

You must also knowrepparttar common sense tips and tricks that will help you create killer ad copy.

Following is a list of key elements of writing successful ads:

- Appeal torepparttar 129794 reader's emotions and instincts.

- Must convince evenrepparttar 129795 most hardened skeptics.

- Overcome any objectionsrepparttar 129796 buyer may have.

- Use power words that literally force people to act.

- Capture and keeprepparttar 129797 reader's interest.

- Appeal torepparttar 129798 reader's ego and self-interest.

- Showrepparttar 129799 facts and proof of your claims.

- Helprepparttar 129800 reader justifyrepparttar 129801 purchase.

- Write copy that coincides with current attitudes in your target group.

- Motivate you reader to buy NOW.

- Use "special" benefits to make your product more attractive.

- Make your reader believe in you.

Ten Rules of Writing Good

Written by Jed McKendrick

In our hectic, word-based society, it's good to know how to use words good. For instance, as a marketer onrepparttar internet, it might be good if you could use words good.

Because you might want to write an article with words, so here are some rules about it:

1. Parts of Speech Add Zest!

Parts of speech include things like nouns, pronouns, verbs, and proverbs. They can really spice up your articles, so sprinkle them throughout your articles.

2. Don't Forgetrepparttar 129792 Headline!

Withoutrepparttar 129793 headline, your article will just look like a big lump of words. Or like a bunch of smaller lumps if you use paragraphs. Try to choose a headline that tellsrepparttar 129794 reader something aboutrepparttar 129795 article, like what it's about.

3. Know Something About Your Subject!

If you are not very smart aboutrepparttar 129796 subject of your article, ask someone to read it who is or else it could be really bad.

4. Sentence Length!

Readers get distracted by different sentence lengths. It's not important how long your sentences are as long as they are allrepparttar 129797 same. When you are done writing an article, go back and take some words out ofrepparttar 129798 long sentences and put them inrepparttar 129799 short ones. This will make your readers more absorptive.

5. Include Some Knowledge!

For instance, if your subject is How To Make More Sales, you should actually include some information about that subject so your readers will benefit and buy something from you, hopefully something that doesn't suck.

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