The AdSense Factor

Written by F. Terrence Markle

The AdSense Factor By F. Terrence Markle

Google describes AdSense as "a fast and easy way for web site publishers of all sizes to display relevant Google ads on their web site's content pages and earn money." The AdSense ads displayed by Google on your site are matched to Google's interpretation ofrepparttar content theme of your site. In this manner,repparttar 147884 AdSense ads will be of interest to your site visitors looking forrepparttar 147885 unique content your site offers to them.

AdSense is a system where Google places its AdWords ads on repparttar 147886 content pages of non-Google web sites. It is a pay-per- click (PPC) service where webmasters are paid a portion of repparttar 147887 revenue collected by Google fromrepparttar 147888 advertisers. The advertiser pays Google a pre-determined amount each time a web site visitor clicks on an AdSense advertisement.

AdWords isrepparttar 147889 Source of AdSense Income

AdWords ads arerepparttar 147890 source of allrepparttar 147891 AdSense income you are able to generate. As a result, you need to fully understand repparttar 147892 AdWords system in order to appreciate howrepparttar 147893 AdSense system works.

Google describes AdWords as "a quick and simple way to purchase highly targeted cost-per-click (CPC) advertising, regardless of your budget." These paid ads (sponsored links) are displayed by Google onrepparttar 147894 search engine results page along withrepparttar 147895 non-paid (natural results) for a given keyword search.

In order to create a Google AdWords ad, it is necessary to specify what keyword or keyword phrase must be input byrepparttar 147896 visitor before your AdWords ad will be displayed. In addition, you need to setrepparttar 147897 maximum amount that you will pay to Google for each click on your AdWord.

There is a nominal activation fee but Google does not have a minimum monthly charge. Google provides an account Control Center that allows you to trackrepparttar 147898 performance of your ad. The ad will be displayed within minutes torepparttar 147899 searchers after your account billing information has been submitted to Google.

AdWords ads must adhere to specific Google requirements. The title can contain up to 25 characters,repparttar 147900 ad text can have up to 70 characters andrepparttar 147901 display URL must be less than 36 characters.

AdWords Ranking

Google will rank an AdWords ad based onrepparttar 147902 maximum CPC,repparttar 147903 click through rate (CTR) andrepparttar 147904 relevancy ofrepparttar 147905 ad text. Google prefers relevant and well-targeted AdWords ads. Google determines ad placement usingrepparttar 147906 value formula: CPC x CTR. The ad is placed higher asrepparttar 147907 valuation rises. It’s possible for an advertiser to have a high rank position with a low CPC ifrepparttar 147908 CTR makesrepparttar 147909 value to Google higher than other ads with a higher CPC.

Google requires a minimum CTR in order to protectrepparttar 147910 AdWords program value for its users. The CTR of all AdWords ads are monitored by Google on a continuous basis. An under-performing AdWords ad may be disabled by Google ifrepparttar 147911 CTR does not improve.

AdSense Program

You need to apply and be accepted by Google before you can displayrepparttar 147912 AdSense ads on your web site. They are very particular aboutrepparttar 147913 sites that are eligible and accepted. Google’s name is onrepparttar 147914 ads and they cannot risk hurtingrepparttar 147915 perceived value ofrepparttar 147916 AdSense and AdWords programs.

Google requires you to comply with their program policies if your website is accepted intorepparttar 147917 AdSense program. Otherwise, your website may be dropped fromrepparttar 147918 program.

Your site must be content-focused to be accepted. Google wants sites that offer high quality information or rich in relevant content. You should have lots of interesting and informative content for your site visitors.

As previously mentioned, AdSense is a program in which you get paid for your web site visitors clicking on targeted AdWords ads placed on your site. A click through is when a visitor clicks on one ofrepparttar 147919 ads. The ads are placed in a display box that you put on your website in a location that earns you money.

You have a chance to make a significant amount of money if repparttar 147920 AdSense box is placed in a strategic location on your site and you have sufficient targeted traffic.

The AdWords advertiser pays as little as $0.05 per click up to $100 per click depending onrepparttar 147921 unique keywords. The AdWords campaigns are usually budgeted for a specific period of time byrepparttar 147922 advertisers.

Contextual Advertising

Google uses proprietary algorithms to determinerepparttar 147923 content on each page of your web site with an AdSense box. It will identifyrepparttar 147924 AdWords ads that are contextually relevant to your website visitors based onrepparttar 147925 content of your site. The identified AdWords ads are then displayed in your AdSense box. The ads on your site arerepparttar 147926 same ads that appear onrepparttar 147927 right side of a Google search results page for a specific keyword.

Contextual advertising isrepparttar 147928 process of displaying ads on a web site that are targeted torepparttar 147929 individuals visitingrepparttar 147930 specific web site. The Google contextual advertising system scansrepparttar 147931 content text on your web site for keywords on each web page withrepparttar 147932 AdSense box. Google will display ads on each web page based on what it believes isrepparttar 147933 keyword theme for that specific page.

For example, if Google determines thatrepparttar 147934 theme of a specific web site is about "fishing" then fishing-related AdWords ads will be displayed inrepparttar 147935 AdSense box. The ads about fishing are an approximate fit torepparttar 147936 context or subject ofrepparttar 147937 web page as determined by Google.

Monetize Your Content Rich Website

Every webmaster with high-quality and focused web page content can monetize their knowledge and expertise by using AdSense. You need interesting and informative content on your site in order to bring free and targeted traffic to your web site and capitalize onrepparttar 147938 AdSense model.

Become an Eook Author

Written by Susan Harrow

What is an e-book?

It's just like a paper book except for a few differences. You write your book in a word processing program like Microsoft Word. In it you can include links to websites for additional information so a reader can click on a URL to accessrepparttar desired information whenever they like.

How does it work?

Once you finish your book you'll convert it to a PDF file using a program such as Adobe Acrobat. The font type-face of your e-book is large so it can be easily read on a computer screen.

Where can you sell it?

Once you've written your e-book and want to sell it you can market it through websites that specialize in selling them. You don't even have to have a shopping cart or e-commerce interface on your website. So everyone of you can get started writing your e-book right away, today.

What sells best?

Some ofrepparttar 147845 best-selling e-books deal with how to make money onrepparttar 147846 web. The least well-selling e-books are poetry.

What if you're not a writer?

Even if you're not much of a writer you can do two things. Talk your book into a tape recorder and transcribe it. Or hire a freelance writer to write or edit your book.

Should you limitrepparttar 147847 number of sites you sell to?

No. Get your book set-up on as many sites as you can so you'll have a steady stream of royalties, reach a wide audience, and get your name out intorepparttar 147848 public eye.

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