The A Factor The Secret to keeping your weight loss program going!

Written by Greg Ryan

Twenty years ago, I did not aspect to accomplish what I have inrepparttar fitness world. And I surely didn't dream about writing best selling books. However, two things I did know; first by exercising and eating better allowed me to be involved in something much greater than me. And second, I was not afraid to ask for help and support.

We live in a world filled with pride, denial and laziness. It's just that simple. Your success in weight loss, sports conditioning or general fitness comes down to one simple thing, asking for help.

Our country use to be goal oriented. People use to take pride (good pride) inrepparttar 148033 fact that they were in a process of accomplishing something. Today, most want something for nothing. If that were notrepparttar 148034 case, America would not berepparttar 148035 fattest nation on earth and getting larger every day.

Very soon each one of you will either choose or be forced to take some personal responsibility in your health and fitness levels. Forced? Yes! The truth is,repparttar 148036 way things look, each one of you will either facerepparttar 148037 music on your terms or some life changing circumstance is going to come your way that will force you to take a good long look at your health. Scare tactic, you bet cha!

So what do you do? You, get a medical check up if necessary and just start moving.


With allrepparttar 148038 fitness and diet programs out there, you would think people in our country would be getting in better shape. We're not. Why? All of us are confused, frustrated and burdened down atrepparttar 148039 contradictory of medicine and fitness for one reason, andrepparttar 148040 other reasons involve issues we have already discussed. The key in motivating yourself to exercise is to keep your eye onrepparttar 148041 big picture. If you don't,repparttar 148042 details will become a quicksand pit. The big picture is:


So much money and time is spent on gimmicks and diet fads that only get used for a short time, with little or no results.

The big picture is about being realistic, not to have high expectations, but to focus on internal health issues, such as blood pressure, body fat, cholesterol levels and a quiet mind. The challenge is that you have grown accustomed to being motivated by instant gratification. It is more of a priority to look good rather than to have lower stress levels.

Weight Loss with NO Dieting! The Five Mindsets for Success

Written by Greg Ryan

Any dietary plan onrepparttar market has some portion of it that works, butrepparttar 148032 basic principle of any good eating program, no matter how sugarcoated, centers around calories IN- calories OUT. Most diets are just too unrealistic for a person's lifestyle. Plus they don't supply enough basic nutritional needs for people to stay with them. Balance isrepparttar 148033 key! Attitude isrepparttar 148034 key to keeping balance!!

Here are five mindsets to take when dealing with weight and food.

Perspectives toward food

Ask yourself, "Why do I eat?" Most will say, "I eat because I have to." Well, think about it. Do you? If you eat just because you have to, then your choices will be more for taste. If you ate withrepparttar 148035 attitude that food was fuel, then how would you eat? You may be more likely to make a quality choice. Your attitude toward food is very important!

Pattern of eating

Do you driverepparttar 148036 same way to work every day? Do you go torepparttar 148037 same grocery store? Do you hang out withrepparttar 148038 same people most ofrepparttar 148039 time? The same thing is true with your food.

Chances are you eat atrepparttar 148040 same time, gobble uprepparttar 148041 same food types and in most cases, you take in roughlyrepparttar 148042 same amount of food on a weekly basis? Your body gets used to eatingrepparttar 148043 same types and same amounts. As in exercise, it is really important to incorporate a variety of foods in our daily eating to keep it off guard, so to speak.

Pushing your buttons

Why do you think advertisements are so powerful? They spark something inside of you and immediately you find yourself on autopilot going torepparttar 148044 refrigerator orrepparttar 148045 next fast food joint to get something you don't need. Recognize this so you can make better choices.

Portion Control

Being aware of how much you eat at one time is very important. Take spaghetti for example-fifteen years agorepparttar 148046 doctors came out and endorsed pasta as a healthy food.

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