The 9 WORST Internet Marketing Mistakes and How you can Avoid them like the Plaque!

Written by Talbert B. Williams

“The 9 WORST Internet Marketing Mistakes And How to Avoid Them Likerepparttar Plague!” © Copyright 2003 by Talbert Williams –

Have you ever wondered how can you possibly figure out how to market your Internet business when you’re bombarded with so much conflicting information? Lots of “how to” advice applies to many online businesses.

But avoiding common marketing mistakes will work for EVERY business. If you make even ONE of these mistakes, you’re leaving money onrepparttar 124438 table:

Mistake #1: Believing, “You can make a fortune online while you sleep.”

This mistake has a sidekick or two: “Make millions in just 2 hours a day!” or “Give us a month; never work another full day again!” and “Make a living working less than 2 hours a day!” These are tempting; they’re all dangerous.

But these promises aren’trepparttar 124439 most amazing part - what’s outrageous isrepparttar 124440 number of people who buy into them – with their time, their money and their hearts.

Avoid Mistake #1: Ignore pie-in-the-sky promises – you’ll have to spend serious time on a serious Internet business.

Mistake #2: Believing, “You can support yourself online with just a small investment.”

This headline captures attention, but that’s all it does. Your Internet business is just that – a business. Develop a budget you can afford; don’t take a risk you cannot. Almost everyone loses some money alongrepparttar 124441 way to making their business successful. Plan for that.

Avoid Mistake #2: Spend a realistic amount of money to grow your business.

Mistake #3 “Get in onrepparttar 124442 opportunity you’re excited about FAST – before it’s too late.”

For an Internet marketer, this is probablyrepparttar 124443 worst piece of advice. These pyramid-like “business opportunities” sound too delicious to be true, and they are. It’s never “too late” to begin with a solid business opportunity, and they are likely to generate profits whenever you set up shop.

Avoid Mistake #3: Do your homework before you do anything else!

Mistake #4: Having no marketing plan.

With a little help, anyone can write one. Get started by making lists: a daily task list, a weekly to-do list, monthly benchmarks, and so on. Figure out what you need to do every day to getrepparttar 124444 number of emails out, flyers distributed, ads placed, press releases written, and articles published to achieve your goals.

Avoid Mistake #4: Outline your battle plan and follow it torepparttar 124445 letter.

Mistake #5: Not getting enough visitors to click on your site.

I’m sure you’ve read story after story about people who make mega-bucks on just a few hundred hits a day. Yes; it’s possible you could breakrepparttar 124446 records, too. But it’s quite unlikely you ever will.

If you build your website, they will NOT come. You’ve got to push them there.

Avoid Mistake #5: Use as many methods as you can to drive traffic to your site.

Mistake #6: Sending out sales and recruiting emails all day long.

Some say marketing is a Numbers Game. Is it? Not exactly.

You can calculaterepparttar 124447 number of prospects you must have to getrepparttar 124448 number of hits you need to getrepparttar 124449 number of click-throughs necessary to end up with enough visitors who read your sales message. From there, you can determine how many visitors you need to convert one into a paying customer.

Everyone needs to know their conversion rate, but it’s not about pushing tons of warm bodies to your site. It’s about gettingrepparttar 124450 RIGHT eyes to examine your offer.

Get paid to hang out with your friends!

Written by Ryan

Three steps to your Personal Transformation:

1)Awareness and Perception 2)Law of Cause and Effect 3)Law of Accumulation

These categories are what you need to understand in order to be in total control of your being!

Most go through life never reaching their potential because they never take control of all their faculties or abilities.

This information is designed to help you gain complete control of your life!

So lets get into it

1)Awareness and perception.

In order to be in complete control of our self, actions, and ultimate success - we must learn to expand our awareness of what is around us.

FACT: there are certain states of mind that enable us to learn more information, retain more information, and be more aware of our environments

This state of mind is open to all of us; however, most people never call it to action.

In other words we just don’t look… The problem with that is if we are not using our resources… we are virtually blind! Or at least vary limited.

Most of us look atrepparttar world through a tunnel vision… really blinded to what is all around us.


E.g.: Imagine having a really nice camera…problem is that it is always stuck onrepparttar 124437 highest zoom! You can see a limited amount very detailed. However, you ignorerepparttar 124438 majority of what is around you…

Here is what I mean

ACTION: Focus on a point… (Pick a point, any point) stare at it intently. Don’t move. Stare and Focus all of your energy into that point!

That is a great quality that we can focus so intently on one thing - but…

Keep starting atrepparttar 124439 point… but while staring… try to notice what is torepparttar 124440 sides ofrepparttar 124441 point… sides ofrepparttar 124442 room… keep going. Allrepparttar 124443 way and you will realize that you can even seerepparttar 124444 people sitting right next to you while still focusing onrepparttar 124445 point!

That is what is called your peripheral vision…

Every leader that I know hasrepparttar 124446 ability to use both their focused vision, as well as their peripheral.

They can be laser focused on a task at hand while simultaneously keeping an open mind to other situations and opportunities…

This is what I mean by awareness…

The first step to taking charge of our lives is to broaden your vision of what is all around you all ofrepparttar 124447 time…

Once we are more AWARE of what is going on, we can then start making progress on expanding our perception! It’s when we do this that our transformation of self begins

Why do we get control of our perception?

We must learn to see all vantage points! All angles, all sides…

You cannot really be in control of your thoughts of you have limited thoughts!

E.g. Lifecycle?

Hit a threshold… what do you do. Some might stay quite… I say find a new lifecycle…. A new challenge and new ideas and compound!

Just a change in perception!

What about your greatest strength!

What is it? It is only strength.

I bet if you thought about it, your greatest strength when taken to an extreme could be your greatest FAULT! E.g. TITANIC!!!! Unsinkable!!!! Got rid of lifeboats… turned up speed!!! What happened?

Most people are insiderepparttar 124448 box thinkers… even though it’s almost a cliché to say thinking outsiderepparttar 124449 box, most people don’t! Why not. Most don’t change their perceptions

Control of self comes from learning to shift your perceptions to all vantage points!

E.g.: at one point everything strange that happened on this planet was an act of god!

Then Isaac Newton came around and said no - everything happens because of universal laws!

The problem that people run into when trying to shift their perception is that most people think that their perception is reality!

Is it?

Is what you perceive always what is real! MATRIX!

Perception may be your reality…. But there is a difference between reality and actuality?

Once you can understand that what you perceive is only what you think is there and may not be what is actually there! Now you haverepparttar 124450 foundation to understandrepparttar 124451 next law!

Cause and effect!

This is a universal force of nature C -> E

You are always on one side ofrepparttar 124452 equation or another!

Either you assume causes for everything you do, or you arerepparttar 124453 effect!

E.g. my organization won’t listen to me!

What side are you on with that statement? Are you a cause?


What if you decided to be at cause and say thatrepparttar 124454 results that I get from my organization are a direct response from my communication skills and ability to move them into action!

Our communication is always a result of that information we put out, not what is heard onrepparttar 124455 other side. If our message is not communication clearly, we should strive harder to improve our ability.

Now you are at cause.

It always easier to blame something or someone else with a result that you don’t like.’

But if you do that you are no longer in control. You are not a cause.

Another e.g. how many of you run into “circumstances in life”…. What do you usually do? Most blame others. Many of us may have had that situation just recently, you always have two options:

You can blamerepparttar 124456 people around you,repparttar 124457 weather,repparttar 124458 events,repparttar 124459 situation or whatever else and see how your circumstances are everybody else’s fault but your own…. basically admitting that you are no longer in control of who you are and what you do!

Or you can choose to be a cause for your present moment! Personally, if a circumstance comes to me, I call it a challenge, and I think this was presented to me for a reason. I look at what other’s use as reasons not to excel, and see them as challenges to test my mental toughness and emotional intelligence to see what I deserve, what reward may be just onrepparttar 124460 other side of that obstacle!!!

I am a cause! I am in control. I choose to perceive and respond do different things!

You see once you understand that YOU can choose how you perceive things… from what vantage point you want to view…. Then you we realize that you are a cause for everything in your life. You can always be in control.

You see most people never do this…. people are so predictable! When we say something wrong… what do we do? We Blame, Mimic, deny and justify!!!

Most people will do this. You can’t go around changing people. You simply must learn to control yourself.

A unique realization: When you decide to change yourself, you in fact change your environment!


If you take a different viewpoint – you change your perception of reality. Your perception is what you perceive as real. Therefore by changing yourself you change your world!

So don’t ask for your environment to change… That’s in EFFECT

Ask for you to change… now you are a cause!

You are either affecting your environment or your environment is affecting you! Which is it?

The catch is, sometimes you don’t want to be a cause. Sometime it’s easier to blame… to stay insiderepparttar 124461 matrix!

That is what personal transformation is all about!

Is this too philosophical for you? Well let’s substantiate this argument with empirical science!

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