The 5 step program to getting listed on Google fast.

Written by John Lafferty

) Pick your keywords very carefully and make sure you have a top 20 list of powerful keywords that are mentioned throughout your site. Donít repeat these more than 7 times per page. It will look to spamy torepparttar search engines when there spider bots come to call.

2) Make sure your main keyword is mentioned as close as possible torepparttar 143806 top of your websites homepage. Within repparttar 143807 first 300 characters is best but donít repeat it twice withinrepparttar 143808 first 300. Also try and mention one keyword per header.

3) Keep it relevant! Donít go off topic! As long as your main keywords match repparttar 143809 content or theme of your site you will rank higher and get listed quicker.

4) Stick to one theme per site and create 5 content pages featuring articles a month to keeprepparttar 143810 search engines interested and your visitors. Pick a keyword related to your sites theme and write a article on it. Do this 5 times a month if possible. It doesnít always have to be a new topic but it should be written around a high demand low supply keyword thatís related to your sites theme.

The five step program to getting quality traffic.

Written by John Lafferty

1)After creating quality theme related content for your site getting inbound links isrepparttar most important activity a site owner should get up to. Quality links are not only highly regarded by search engines, visitors to your site will realize your efforts and consider you a pro in your field of choice.

2)Remember if you cant find your way around your site then neither will your visitors be able to. Create a site map so navigation becomes easy. Donít have to many links or advertisements. Banners were allrepparttar 143805 range a few years ago but these days there seen more as an annoyance. In shortrepparttar 143806 look of your site should be clean and easy to follow.

3)When linking to a site or when a site is linking to you make surerepparttar 143807 link is in words and not To do this writerepparttar 143808 link as follows Your sites article. Your visitors will be more inclined to click on a text link than a address link. If you are part of a affiliate programme then this method of linking should be adopted to get visitors to your partners site.

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