The 5 biggest SEO Myths Debunked

Written by Burke Ferguson

Search Engine Optimization or SEO, has a bit of a reputation for having a lot of hype or scams associated with it.


Well, particularly because people wantrepparttar results of whatrepparttar 127868 service does, which is rank your website very high and in prominent ranks withinrepparttar 127869 search engines.

The following arerepparttar 127870 most common scams withinrepparttar 127871 SEO industry,repparttar 127872 amounts withinrepparttar 127873 titles can be any amount, so I have inserted an "X" to signifyrepparttar 127874 numbers.


SEO Myth #1 -- "If You Build It, They Will Come..."

Did you seerepparttar 127875 movie "Field of Dreams"? Well, this is very much like it.

You develop a site or pay someone to develop one for you. And after its all finished, you tell all your friends to go look at it.

However there's only one problem,repparttar 127876 only ones that have looked at it are your friends who you told to go look at it.

Heck, its onrepparttar 127877 World Wide Web,repparttar 127878 whole world should see it. Right? Wrong.

Having a website, doesn't simply "automatically" alert everyone to go see it. People don't just start "showing up" on your site, just because it is YOUR website.

If you want to have visitors to your website (and, hopefully, you do), you have to take ACTION and do things for it to happen. a.k.a Advertise. You have to getrepparttar 127879 word out, about your site.

And if done correctly Search Engine Optimization will position your website correctly onrepparttar 127880 search engines underrepparttar 127881 your appropriate keywords and people will come.

SEO Myth #2 -- "Get A Guaranteed #1 Position In XX days/weeks..."

This has got to be one ofrepparttar 127882 worst claims ever, andrepparttar 127883 most used scam withrepparttar 127884 engines of all time. I'm sure you've seen it titled this way or a variation thereof.

See,repparttar 127885 engines constantly change and alter their "rules" or "algorithms" to which and how they rank websites. So, constantly having a site ranked #1 is almost impossible, as we don't know how or when these rules will change.

Butrepparttar 127886 twist to this Myth is that getting a #1 position is easy, however, it's usually only for keywords that will not do you any good, or keywords that people are not searching for.

So, whatsrepparttar 127887 good of having a #1 rank for keywords that no one searches for? There isn't one. For those unaware it's like; "WOW #1 inrepparttar 127888 search engines!!", however, it's not bringing you any traffic, since it is a very UNcommon keyword phrase.

Being #1 with very common searched for keywords and phrases is what SEO is all about. And this is whererepparttar 127889 fierce competition inrepparttar 127890 search engines are.

SEO Myth #3 -- "Submit To X,XXX Search Engines..."

Now, this may sound good at first, butrepparttar 127891 search engines that your site are submitted to, no one knows about or knows anything about them. So what good arerepparttar 127892 submissions?

And as above they won't bring you any traffic, as no one knows about them.

Most or all of these search engines are too obscure and are "unknowns", and they aren't being used much, if at all. So, adding your website to a directory or search engine database of some 45,000,000 web pages or more, is no good.

And good luck in trying to find your listing, it would be like looking for a pebble inrepparttar 127893 ocean.

New MSN Search May Be a Google Killer!

Written by Mike Banks Valentine

The Second Look at MSN's Search technology is available for public beta testing. I've given it a spin myself and must say that I'm impressed. Although they have no ads onrepparttar SERP's ofrepparttar 127867 preview site, I'm sure they will load it up withrepparttar 127868 15 or more Overture "sponsored sites" which clutterrepparttar 127869 results pages onrepparttar 127870 current search results byrepparttar 127871 timerepparttar 127872 new public beta reaches its official launch. Take a look for yourself:

I've publicly complained aboutrepparttar 127873 lack of click-through traffic of top ranked sites from both Yahoo and MSN search Even though most of my web sites and those of clients are very highly ranked in all three search engines, Yahoo and MSN send less than one quarter of all search traffic to any of those sites. Google sendsrepparttar 127874 rest - over 75% of search traffic referred comes from searches originating on Google's English speaking sites inrepparttar 127875 UK, Australia, Canada, etc.

Is that because nobody can see pastrepparttar 127876 PPC ads (Overture Sponsor Ads) on MSN search? No,repparttar 127877 "Sponsored Sites" aren't THAT dominant onrepparttar 127878 SERP. Is it because only one fourthrepparttar 127879 number of people search at MSN and Yahoo? No, it can't be explained that way either. Who knows? Maybe those who search at MSN and Yahoo simply want to search without bothering to visit those top ranked sites? Could it be thatrepparttar 127880 blue color andrepparttar 127881 "Sponsored Sites" label actually dissuades people from dropping down torepparttar 127882 organic results or those sponsored links are more clicked at MSN than at Google? I just don't know.

Ifrepparttar 127883 test I ran today proves to be a reflection of where they are going with their new search technology though, I'll be nothing short of ecstatic on public unveiling ofrepparttar 127884 "New" MSN search. As a matter of fact, I may be about to fall in love with MSN search.

In this test, I did some searches for several terms I am targeting for myself as well as several other phrases I'm targeting for SEO clients. ALL of those searches rank our sites inrepparttar 127885 first page or two at all three ofrepparttar 127886 top tier search engines. The search I've emphasized here in this test though, was forrepparttar 127887 phrase "Domain Name Tutorial" at:

I chose that phrase because, inexplicably, it doesn't rank well for me atrepparttar 127888 current official MSN search and may prove to be a perfect example ofrepparttar 127889 difference betweenrepparttar 127890 new and old versions on public launch of MSN searh later this year or early in 2005.

Google ranks our domain name tutorial at #1 in results,repparttar 127891 current "official" MSN search ranks it somewhere in sludge of all castoff sites. In other words, I couldn't find it inrepparttar 127892 first 200 results atrepparttar 127893 current "official" MSN search and wasn't inrepparttar 127894 mood to click through any more results pages to find it.

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