The 5 Babysitter Commandments

Written by Ispas Marin

Having a babysitter take care of your kids is sometimes a dangerous thing to do becauserepparttar babysitter isrepparttar 150341 person that will be alone with your kid. Here are some ideas about your relationship withrepparttar 150342 babysitter.

1. The babysitter should be encouraged by keepingrepparttar 150343 favorite foods on hand. That's because when you find a good babysitter, you should keep them happy, that's what most experienced parents say. Writing a thank you card once or twice a year would be a good idea too.

2. If you can't handle daily errands and taking care of your kids you can hire a "mother's helper" to come play with your kids. Since you'll be inrepparttar 150344 house you can hire a less expensive babysitter that has less experience.

3. Any sign thatrepparttar 150345 child has been molested should be taken very seriously, terror ofrepparttar 150346 babysitter orrepparttar 150347 demonstration of sexual behaivour while playing might be such a sign. Young adolescents might not understandrepparttar 150348 intensity of their sexual impulses as much as an adult does, that leading torepparttar 150349 adolescent being tempt to explore with your child. Even so, child molestors come in every age, size or gender.

SAS Partners With Caring For Eldery Family Members

Written by Barbara Mascio

The online support group for family caregivers, hosted by Barbara Halpern, past director of Elderly Security Programs and founder ofrepparttar Coalition on Senior Safety, has recently been included as an additional caregiver resource fromrepparttar 150274 Senior Approved Free Web Community. (Elderly Security Programs was part of The NYC Department forrepparttar 150275 Aging, Safe Streets Program)

Barbara Mascio, founder and president of Senior Approved Services ( said, “We were receiving multiple requests from our web visitors to include an online support group forrepparttar 150276 adult child providing care. We were thrilled when Barbara Halpern, host of Caring for Elderly Family Members ( approached us withrepparttar 150277 idea to work together.”

Ms. Halpern, an active advocate for both senior citizens and family caregivers had been searching for additional resources to enhance services at her active members only support group forum when she came acrossrepparttar 150278 Senior Approved Free Web Community. “Both of our services haverepparttar 150279 same goals, to helprepparttar 150280 senior andrepparttar 150281 family caregiver. Utilizingrepparttar 150282 network of Certified Senior Approved Services is an extra added bonus, my members can feel quite comfortable reaching out and contracting with these services based on their proven record of quality care and service,” affirms Ms. Halpern.

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