The 4 Deadly Sins of Business Web Design

Written by Matthew May

1. Designing a site with large slow loading pictures and fancy flash presentations.

99% of people surfingrepparttar internet are looking for information quickly. When you place large fancy pictures, midi music, and slow loading flash presentations this simply keeps your potential client waiting forrepparttar 134691 information that they are looking for.

Most likely they will not wait but click off to another site.

Why should your prospect have to choose between an html or flash site? Why should he have to download software just to view your site? All this delays your customer from gettingrepparttar 134692 information he wants and from buying.

Keeprepparttar 134693 pages simple, easy to read, fast loading and torepparttar 134694 point!

If you do not believe me check out Yahoo's or Microsoft's web design. It is very simple and these guys are billionaires.

2. Designing a site with no central theme or focus.

You cannot be everything to everybody. Have you ever seen those sites with dozens of different affiliate programs none of which relate to each other? They look like a flea market!

Stick to your topic. The more specificrepparttar 134695 better. The internet contains so much information that you are better off being an expert in your niche than trying to appeal to everyone. If you have no focusrepparttar 134696 value of your site is diluted and it will actually appeal to no one rather than everyone.

3. Not placing your phone number and contact info conspicuously on your site.

The internet is great but lets face it. Way more money is made off line than on line. Many people, including myself, want to make sure that there is a real person behind that website before parting withrepparttar 134697 green.

If your clients can pick up a phone and contact a real person you have gained instant credibility. You also have distanced yourself from your competition.

I love seeing my competitor's fancy websites with no phone number! More business for me!

4. Using free web hosts.

If you are serious about your business you should run fromrepparttar 134698 word free! Yes you heard me. Free is a bad word if you want to make money.

Web Source Web Design Tips - Using META Tags for Search Engine Indexing

Written by Shelley Lowery

Meta tags are used to give detailed instructions, in regard to a web page, torepparttar Search Engines and browsers.

You can providerepparttar 134690 Search Engines with a description of your web page andrepparttar 134691 most relevant "keywords" for your web site by addingrepparttar 134692 following META tags betweenrepparttar 134693 and tags of your HTML.

When selecting your keywords, it is best to list them within a phrase. Try to concentrate on only a few keyword phrases throughout your text.


dog grooming techniques,groomers,tips,pet supplies,animal care,

Try to select keyword phrases that your potential visitor may type in while at a Search Engine.

The keywords above will cover a wide variety of queries:

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