The 3 secrets of Team Motivation

Written by Alan Fairweather

The 3 secrets of Team Motivation

by Alan Fairweather

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Are workers tellingrepparttar truth when they say they are ill? This question was posed onrepparttar 119466 Money Programme on BBC Television in December 2004. British Bosses are reporting that more and more of their staff appear to be skiving off with faked illnesses and many firms are taking new steps to crack down on malingerers. Research byrepparttar 119467 Confederation of British Industry suggests that workplace absence is onrepparttar 119468 rise forrepparttar 119469 first time in five years. Last year we were off sick on average for 7.2 days up from 6.8repparttar 119470 previous year. It costs UK businesses £11.75bn a year,repparttar 119471 CBI says. The CBI also estimates that 15% of all illness is due to people taking days off when they are not really ill.

Now while I accept that there will always people who take time off work for no good reason, I believe managers need to take a long hard look at how they manage their people inrepparttar 119472 first place. Perhaps ifrepparttar 119473 maderepparttar 119474 workplace a far better place to be then a lot less people would take a "sickie."

If you want a highly motivated team who don't take time off work, don't keep looking for other jobs and make a positive contribution to your business there are three things you need to do.

#1 Spend some quality time

I didn't say "quantity time" I said "quality time." One or two minutes of quality time on a regular basis are far more productive than a one hour review every year. You need to get to know your team better and they need to get to know you. It will help you build a relationship withrepparttar 119475 individual. You'll gain a much better understanding of them and how they're handlingrepparttar 119476 job. It will also giverepparttar 119477 impression that you care aboutrepparttar 119478 individual and show that you're there to help with problems both personal and business. Spending quality time will encourage opinions and ideas to flow from them and allows you to explainrepparttar 119479 company's mission. It gives them a feeling of being in on things which is a big motivator. It will also help you build an "early warning system" of any problems both business and personal. Finally, it builds team spirit and morale.

#2 Give feedback and coach

You need to regularly tell each member of your team when they're doing well and when not so well. I read some recent research that suggested 65% of employees inrepparttar 119480 US received no recognition at work inrepparttar 119481 past year. My experience tells me that it's muchrepparttar 119482 same throughoutrepparttar 119483 world and much worse in some countries. Some managers still believe - "why should I praise people when they're only doing what they're paid to do." It's also important to tell people when they're not performing. There are too many managers who either ignore poor behaviour or come down onrepparttar 119484 person like a ton of bricks. There are particular ways to give feedback and coach and they're described in detail inrepparttar 119485 book - How to get More Sales by Motivating Your Team.

Ed Sykes

Written by Nine Ways Johnny Carson Can Help You Run Outstanding

Nine Ways Johnny Carson Can Help You Run Outstanding Meetings By Ed Sykes © 2005 all Rights Reserved

Recently, America lost one ofrepparttar giants of late night television, Johnny Carson. He was a master at his craft,because he would conduct his show, essentially like a ninety minute meeting. The program would be entertaining, insightful, informative, and leave you wanting more.

Many times we fear going to meetings because we feel, based on past experiences, that they are going to be boring, not relevant, lack information, and we can’t wait untilrepparttar 119465 meeting ends.

Here are my eight techniques used by Johnny Carson to make your meetings outstanding for all involved:

1. Do Your Research Johnny Carson would invest time before each show to find out information on what was important to his guests and audience members. He would find out about his guests’ personalities, their interests, and concerns.

Why not dorepparttar 119466 same? E-mailrepparttar 119467 participants with your agenda beforerepparttar 119468 meeting. Ask them for feedback or any concerns they may have concerningrepparttar 119469 meeting. This allows you address any concerns beforerepparttar 119470 meeting and to think through any potential problems and come up with better answers for solutions duringrepparttar 119471 meeting.

2. Planrepparttar 119472 Meeting Masterrepparttar 119473 details for your meeting. Set an agenda with points to be covered andrepparttar 119474 time period for which they will be covered.

3. Invite Onlyrepparttar 119475 “Guests” That Can Contribute When Johnny was finished speaking with one guest, then it was time to bring out his next guest and engage in conversation with that guest. When he finished speaking with his guests he would excuse them so they could leave.

Invite onlyrepparttar 119476 “guests” that are relevant to subject matter at hand. How many times have you wondered, “Why am I here, this meeting doesn’t pertain to me?” Also once your “guest” has contributed torepparttar 119477 meeting and there is nothing else inrepparttar 119478 meeting that pertains to them, excuse them so they can leave.

4. Keep on Time You knew every nightrepparttar 119479 Tonight Show with Johnny Carson would start at its assigned time (unless there was a special event).

Starting you meeting on time shows respect forrepparttar 119480 participants who maderepparttar 119481 effort to show up on time, and let’srepparttar 119482 late comers know that this behavior is unacceptable.

Also designate one person to berepparttar 119483 time keeper. They are responsible for keeping you on track to stay withinrepparttar 119484 time limits for each subject covered inrepparttar 119485 meeting. The results are that you start on time and end on time while accomplishing your meeting agenda.

5. Setrepparttar 119486 Tone Johnny would stand up and greet each guest with an engaging smile and welcome. Dorepparttar 119487 same with your meeting participants. Put them at ease for more informational meetings. Let them know that you really appreciate their feedback and participation.

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