The 2 Headed Dragon: Let Others Publish Your Material and Keep Your Site Unique

Written by Mike Makler

See why you should have 2 or 3 versions of your articles, One For your Web Page and a 2nd or 3rd for public distribution. After you have read this article you will learn a simple method to manage your article versions and 7 different ways to change them

Is Putting your Articles inrepparttar Public Domain really a Two Headed Dragon. A very popular and economical way to get exposure is to write articles that you allow other who are searching for content to publish on there web pages The Question is does allowing others to publish your Articles make your web page less unique since it containsrepparttar 150606 Same Article.

Elaine Currie In her Article My Magic Article Doubler Suggests you actually have 2 versions of your Article one for your web page and one forrepparttar 150607 Article Submission Directories. Elaine suggests that you can Add a Paragraph rich in Keywords for your Personal version, (

A simple method of Maintaining 2 versions of your articles is to have a Web Page and a Blog. The Articles in your Blog are forrepparttar 150608 public Domain andrepparttar 150609 Articles in your web page are your unique copies. Inrepparttar 150610 Resource Box of your Online Web Page Article placerepparttar 150611 Following statement For a Version of this article that you can publish on your own web site please visit my article collection

If one version of your Article is good and 2 versions are better would 3 or 4 or 5 versions of your article be even better. Why not have a 3rd version of your article that you use to submit to article Submission Directories. Actually usingrepparttar 150612 7 below steps it wouldn't be to difficult to have a different version of your article for each place you submit your article too. (Let's not get too silly, In practice 1 submission version should be ok however if you submit to 20 or article directories you may want 2 or 3 submission versions that you split between directories)

:: Affiliate Program Boom & Doom ::

Written by Michel Richer

Affiliate Program is booming onrepparttar internet. Thousand of people join them every day. is probablyrepparttar 150546 best example of such phenomenal success.

Ifrepparttar 150547 affiliate program is so popular and so widely available and booming like mushroom...Why do most affiliate have a hard time making $100 per month ? And some never see have receive a check ? It's probably because they are not effective in their marketing campaign or doing noting at all.

But some affiliates are making big bucks. They arerepparttar 150548 one with an income of ($100,000 and over per year). There is also a big majority who still make a good income (around $10 000 to $75 000 a year). Of courserepparttar 150549 vast majority of affiliate will never make that much money. They fail miserably.

So what is wrong with them ?


Most people fail at anything because most people don't have a clear vision of where they are heading. They don't takerepparttar 150550 time to learn and experiment. They give up too easily.

Yes, it feels "unproductive" to prepare and set up a system... But it's howrepparttar 150551 successful succeed.

The solution? Planning and learning.

------------------------------------------------------- CHOOSING THE RIGHT AFFILIATE PROGRAM ---------------------------------------------------------

Choosingrepparttar 150552 best companies is an art in itself. Choose affiliate program that are already successful and well established like SFI. Chooserepparttar 150553 one that offer good training and good marketing aids.

Successful affiliates selectrepparttar 150554 best companies. They use new ideas and creativity to attract customers. They never give up.

---------------------------------------------------------- DEVELOP A GOOD WEBSITE ----------------------------------------------------------

Lot's of people don't know how to design a website. Or don't haverepparttar 150555 money to hire a webmaster. Evenrepparttar 150556 ones who can design a website. They design poor content or poor design. Produce low value gateway pages. They use free web hosting. They don't masterrepparttar 150557 search engine.

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