The 21st Century Speaker's Journey

Written by Burt Dubin

Everyone who creates personal success as a 21st century speaker-is a hero. We battle with dragons. We grapple with demons. With emotional and psychological monsters. Like Theseus embroiled inrepparttar maze onrepparttar 125575 island of Crete, millennia ago, wrestling with, and slayingrepparttar 125576 dreaded Minotaur. Like David facing Goliath armed with only a slingshot and 5 smooth stones. Like Hercules rescuing Theseus and Persephone from Hades.

Inrepparttar 125577 last century, like Harry Truman, a sure loser according to every poll, bravely facing up to and defeatingrepparttar 125578 powerful Thomas Dewey. Like Mahatma Gandhi, armed with only a loincloth and a relentless will, freeingrepparttar 125579 Indian subcontinent from British rule. And let's not forgetrepparttar 125580 gallant Nelson Mandela who, battling from his bleak jail cell ultimately ended apartheid in South Africa, winning emancipation and equality for millions of his native people.

What aboutrepparttar 125581 speaker? What aboutrepparttar 125582 aspiring speaker...the lonely, aching one out inrepparttar 125583 cold, with nose pressed up againstrepparttar 125584 store window, gazing wistfully at glowing success only a heartbeat away; what are this speaker's demons? What dragons, what Minatour, what swamps swarming with alligators, what precipices and crevasses wait to swallow up allrepparttar 125585 wanna-be's hopes and dreams? What else blocksrepparttar 125586 illusive path to success and abundance?

And, most important of all, how are all these monsters put to rest forever byrepparttar 125587 speaker moving from struggle and lack to success and abundance. I've been there, dead broke, flat on my assets, and those only in my unswerving imagination, sustained only by vision. Perhaps this glimpse of my journey may yield hope:

1. It started with implacable will, iron determination, bulldog blood, an inner spirit that was not going to surrender to defeat as long as there was breath in my body.

2. It proceeded withrepparttar 125588 awakening awareness that like all activities,repparttar 125589 speaking business had rules of play, rules I had to discover and master.

3. It continued with relentless research. The fruit of this investigation was, for me,repparttar 125590 insight that 80% of success inrepparttar 125591 business of speaking had nothing to do with platform performance. Beyond platform excellence, speaking success emerged from having a unique position, a burning desire, a mission so powerful thatrepparttar 125592 mission had me, alluring promotion, magnetic marketing, a bit of wit and a colossal commitment, so huge that everything was surrendered inrepparttar 125593 service ofrepparttar 125594 success yearned for.

How To Make Yourself The Major Presence In Your Market Now!

Written by Burt Dubin

There's so much to know when you choose to make yourselfrepparttar major speaking or training presence in your market. So,repparttar 125574 best I can do in this space is deliver what-to guidance. Think of this as a General Session, rather than a seminar!

Picture yourself asrepparttar 125575 Campbell's of canned soups,repparttar 125576 Kellogg's of corn flakes, repparttar 125577 Heinz of ketchup,repparttar 125578 Sony of consumer electronics,repparttar 125579 Peter Drucker of management consulting, orrepparttar 125580 Alvin Toffler of futurists. You're definitely King ofrepparttar 125581 Hill. You'rerepparttar 125582 #1 choice in your field. It's worth noting here that as an expert who speaks, when you deliver desired outcomes to major entities, you can justify very high fees.

Observe that these examples are finite. They are big names in their niche, only in their niche. You'd be mighty suspicious if you saw a can of Sony soup onrepparttar 125583 shelf, or Peter Drucker salad dressing. (Yet, you would go for Newman's Own Salad Dressings because Paul Newman invested years in cultivating a presence in food markets!)

What'srepparttar 125584 point here? You, byrepparttar 125585 relentless pursuit of excellence in your service to your chosen market, can make yourself repparttar 125586 dominant player inrepparttar 125587 game. Within one market, rarely more than one market. (You can't have your backside on more than one horse at a time!)

So, how do you make yourselfrepparttar 125588 major speaking raining presence in your market? Let's look at this question:

1. Make yourself an expert, first. Then a world-class expert. Then,repparttar 125589 world expert: Naturally, you cannot fake expertise. You got it or you don't. Therefore you do what is appropriate to becomerepparttar 125590 master of your topic. How to do this is revealed in depth in my Speaking Strategy Report #1, Positioning Magic. ( Speaking Success System owners have this in Vol. 2, VIII.) Readers can get this fromrepparttar 125591 secure server on my web page. (Details below) There is no substitute for authentic, dyed-in-the-wool expertise.

2. Alongrepparttar 125592 way, start to write articles: If you're not already a fine writer of commercial prose, go to and open torepparttar 125593 FREE DOWNLOADABLE ARTICLES Section. Request my article called, How To Write Like I Write. It's free direct from my auto responder. Do what it tells you to do-and you'll compose credible articles. Get your articles published in repparttar 125594 periodicals read by those in your chosen niche. Some ofrepparttar 125595 how-to's of doing this are inrepparttar 125596 above Special Report. Other how-to's are in Speaking Success Report #2, Get Your Share ofrepparttar 125597 Best Corporate Markets For You, and Speaking Success Report #3, How To Penetrate Rich Corporate Markets Now. (Speaking Success System owners have these already in Volume 1, III.)

These Reports, and others, are available fromrepparttar 125598 secure server at SPEAKING SUCCESS PRODUCTS, . (All of my Reports include a 5-year Money-Back Guarantee. You get solid value or you get your money back!)

3. Now, master your Inner Game: When you commit to make yourselfrepparttar 125599 major presence in your market, one inescapable truth surfaces. You simply must berepparttar 125600 master of your Inner Game! Here's how to do it:

Tennis champion, Tim Galloway, first wrote The Inner Game of Tennis. In this book, he discussesrepparttar 125601 4 attitudes ofrepparttar 125602 Inner Game concept. They are self-esteem, self- image, self-confidence, and self-discipline.

As a successful tennis coach, he taught these attitudes to aspiring tennis players. With some tennis skills, as well as these attitudes, aspirants went on to transform themselves into wonderful tennis players.

Tim then looked intorepparttar 125603 game of golf. After due diligence and testing, he proceeded to write The Inner Game of Golf.

After provingrepparttar 125604 concepts valid in that game, he investigated what makes a salesperson outstanding. Soon after, he wrote The Inner Game of Selling.

It seems that when you have high self-esteem, self-image, self-confidence, and self-discipline, you can make yourself a champion at anything. This includesrepparttar 125605 business of speaking.

Here are ideas you can engage to master your inner game:

3.1 Accept your uniqueness. You are one-of-a-kind. You have magnificence inside you, longing and yearning to be released. Only by allowing your unique magnificence to flourish and serve others can you fulfill your purpose in this life.

3.2 Set meaningful goals for yourself. Determine specific actions to realize those goals. Then, relentlessly take those actions. Your actions are to move you towardrepparttar 125606 achievement of your mission.

3.3 Write a Mission Statement. During your lifetime, you may have many missions, each fitting your circumstances atrepparttar 125607 time. Dedicate your resources and your energy to realize your mission. (Speaking Success System owners have a detailed outline of 11 exercises that yield an empowering mission. Readers who want access to these exercises may order Speaking Strategy Report #2: Mission Possible, fromrepparttar 125608 secure server on my web page, cited above.)

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