The #1 eBay Title Strategy Secret: And why you should use it!

Written by Jason James

Here's another quick and easy way to gain top exposure for products you sell. Gaining e-Bay exposure and placing high inrepparttar Google search engine rankings (1/3 of all Internet searchs are done at Google!).

Simple? Yes! Almost always overlooked? Yes! Underutilized? Absolutely!

Let's suppose you decide to sell Flutes (or any other product), and you want top search engine placement for key words describing your product. What would berepparttar 147930 quickest way to do that?

But there is a quicker way to get top search engine placement - and you don't even need a web site!

Here'srepparttar 147931 secret.

Instant Top Search Engine Placement

Let's say you decide to sell Flutes. And you don't want to bother creating a web site - but you do want to have Internet sales and you do want people who search to quickly find your products (even though you don't have a web site).

Here's how.

If you go to and search forrepparttar 147932 key word 'flutes', you'll seerepparttar 147933 following:

FLUTES - Great Deals on eBay - Click Here! - One Click from Google Search

If you were to click that link, you'd see all items withrepparttar 147934 word 'flute' inrepparttar 147935 headline currently listed on eBay.

If you had an item listed on eBay withrepparttar 147936 words 'flute' inrepparttar 147937 headline, and if someone searched forrepparttar 147938 key word 'flute', they would only be one mouse click away from finding your item for sale.

This means that even if you don't have a web site, but do have an auction listing on eBay for 'Flute', you would have a higher search engine ranking than all other competing web sites. And you don't even need a web site to get this top ranking - just an auction listing on eBay!

Not for everyone

Unfortunately not every item or category of item searched for on will return a link to those items on eBay. So before you list your item on eBay just to take advantage ofrepparttar 147939 Google ranking, be sure to search Google to see ifrepparttar 147940 eBay link appears.

Temporary Staffing Agency: How to Start

Written by Randy Wilson

The temporary staffing industry continues to expand, with yearly double-digit growth being commonplace. Companies find it convenient and cost-effective to work with a temporary staffing agency to fulfill unforeseen demand, fill short-term vacancies, and assist with changing workloads due to restructuring or mergers. Additionally, employers are enticed byrepparttar idea of "test driving" new employees to minimize risk and ensure a good match for permanent positions.

Many a job seeker has reaped great rewards from temporary staffing. Skilled but yet-inexperienced workers are able to get a foot inrepparttar 147929 door at prestigious companies, where a weak resume would have made it very difficult to be considered. Similarly, "drifters" (those who tend to rapidly drift from job to job) may be plagued by an overly-long resume. Temporary staffing services can be ideal for drifters, as they haverepparttar 147930 opportunity to work on short-term projects and move on withoutrepparttar 147931 negative repercussions. Retirees and college students are also very common candidates. A retired nurse may find enjoyment and extra income from a temporary medical staffing firm. A computer science major can gain valuable experience working with a technical agency.

Only a small number of personnel is required to handle recruiting and clientele. Evenrepparttar 147932 largest international firms tend to function with small, mostly-independent branch offices serving specific regions. This modular structure means it is quite possible for a one-office temporary staffing agency to compete effectively with established firms.

Overall,repparttar 147933 triple-benefit to clients, associates, and entrepreneurs has contributed torepparttar 147934 phenomenal growth ofrepparttar 147935 temporary staffing industry. Because of these advantages, it will remain an integral part ofrepparttar 147936 employment process through good times and bad.

Start Up Costs and Financing Sources:

$5,000 to $25,000

The startup and operating costs of a temporary staffing agency are much lower than many other businesses. The basic requirements are a small office withrepparttar 147937 typical supplies, a computer system with general accounting software and database software for organizing contracts, andrepparttar 147938 people skills to work with clientele and associates. It would not be impossible to start a temporary staffing agency on a shoestring budget of a few thousand dollars.

The largest business expense is payroll. It is common for associates to be paid byrepparttar 147939 agency beforerepparttar 147940 agency is paid byrepparttar 147941 client. An account must be maintained with sufficient funds to cover payroll costs until bills are paid byrepparttar 147942 clients.

It is difficult - but not impossible - to get help from venture capitalists in covering part ofrepparttar 147943 costs of setting up a temporary staffing agency. A well-researched, forward-looking business plan is essential.

Pricing Guidelines for Service:

Associates are paid byrepparttar 147944 hour, andrepparttar 147945 agency covers its costs by charging a premium torepparttar 147946 amount billed torepparttar 147947 client. The exact amount ofrepparttar 147948 premium differs from case to case and can vary from 5% to 50% or more. Some associates are willing to work for less and some clients are willing to pay more, which when properly matched can result in very decent profits forrepparttar 147949 temporary staffing agency. The contract usually spells out a flat fee to be paid torepparttar 147950 agency inrepparttar 147951 event that a client decides to permanently hire an associate.

Advertising and Marketing:

A competitive hurdle for small startups is that larger agencies already have established reputations and brand recognition. This is actually a minor obstacle because ofrepparttar 147952 localized nature ofrepparttar 147953 business. It is not necessary to wage a national marketing war to gain exposure for a new agency. An inexpensive and well-directed marketing campaign can quickly build a valuable reputation withinrepparttar 147954 local operating region ofrepparttar 147955 startup.

Essential Equipment:

An office (perhaps a home office) should be equipped withrepparttar 147956 standard office supplies and at least two telephone lines.

At least one computer system with accounting software and a database for keeping track of projects is mandatory. A printer is used for printing invoices and job listings, and a high-speed Internet connection connectsrepparttar 147957 agency with online job search sites.

Many temporary staffing services have computers with tutorial software available to help associates to train their keyboarding and basic office software skills. These computers are also used to testrepparttar 147958 skills of applicants.

Income Potential:

Many billions of dollars are spent on temporary staffing services each year. A small, single-office agency can earn profits inrepparttar 147959 tens of thousands of dollars. The large, international firms rake in millions every year.

Target Market:

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