The #1 Secret to "Online Wealth" Creation is...

Written by Bob Mobino

Putting into Electrons Mind-Infiltrating, Subliminally Abusing... Conscious Exploding...


Don't be a MORON!

I have been a moron for years. Don't makerepparttar same mistake folk! Allrepparttar 108062 strategic engagements are totally absurd, unless you implant your sales messages so eloquently, that your sales forcefully skyrocket even if... you don't use a secure server... even if you have no contact information on your websites... even if you don't follow up... even if you...

Break any Marketing RULE online, you can still become wealthy as long as your sales pitches attract riches!

The #1 Secret to Wealth isrepparttar 108063 ability to shatterrepparttar 108064 craniums of your target market; to transform reluctant buyers into subliminally driven, "self-serving" & fanatic LIFETIME customers.

Progressive Headlines Guide Customers To Buy

Written by Karon Thackston

by Karon Thackston © 2004

Headlines are, without a doubt, one ofrepparttar most important elements in copywriting. As has been said countless times before, if you don't get your readersí attention withrepparttar 108061 headline,repparttar 108062 chance of them reading your copy is virtually none. But headlines (and sub-headlines) play a vital part inrepparttar 108063 copywriting process for other reasons, too.

Whether we, as copywriters, like it or not,repparttar 108064 fact is most people will not read allrepparttar 108065 copy word for word. Headlines can help fill inrepparttar 108066 blanks in several ways so "skimmers" still getrepparttar 108067 gist ofrepparttar 108068 information included inrepparttar 108069 copy.

Headlines Outlinerepparttar 108070 Benefits

Using headlines and sub-heads that state benefits about your product/service can be a powerful strategy. Using wireless home networking for example, you might create headlines and sub-heads that read:

--Work From Anywhere In Your Home --No More Jumbled Cables Strung Everywhere --Have Multiple Computers Online At The Same Time --Make All The Computer Users In Your Home Happy

Even ifrepparttar 108071 customer didn't readrepparttar 108072 copy included in between these heads and sub-heads, they would still be made aware of allrepparttar 108073 benefits of having a wireless home network.

Headlines Give An Overview

Depending onrepparttar 108074 type of copy you're writing, headlines can help to urge your customers to read further. In fact, in long-form copy, headlines should create their own sub-set of copy. If you read justrepparttar 108075 headlines, they should make sense all by themselves. For example, copy about a new book on how to start your own business might userepparttar 108076 following headlines.

New Book Takes You Step-by-Step Through Starting Your Own Business

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