The 13 Hidden Treasures of Internet Marketing

Written by Sopan Greene, M.A.,

Most people get into internet marketing because it looks like a good way to make money from home. These people usually don't realize that initial sales are only a small piece ofrepparttar pie. Don't be like them and miss out on allrepparttar 117161 hidden treasures!

As you read this article I want you to read about these hidden treasures and look at your job or most traditional businesses. If you compare what you know to what I'm going to share with you it will be obvious to you that your job or traditional business can't offer yourepparttar 117162 steal of a deal you can get with being an internet marketer.

So here we go. The 13 Hidden Benefits of Internet Marketing:

1. TAX BREAKS. Yes, terrific tax breaks. When you operate a home based business you can write offrepparttar 117163 costs for: * The area in your home you use forrepparttar 117164 business * Office supplies (including your computer) * Related tools (hosting fees, journals, magazines, cable TV), * Job expenses * Travel expenses * Meals and entertainment * Advertising * Your phone * Legal and professional services * Training * And much, much more.

Talk to an accountant to get a complete list of allrepparttar 117165 tax breaks you may qualify for.

2. LOW STARTUP COSTS. Most businesses cost AT LEAST $5,000 to get started. That'srepparttar 117166 VERY low end. You can actually start making money onrepparttar 117167 internet by joining an affiliate program for free and marketing with free ads. Even if you're getting your own site up it can be done for only a few hundred dollars.

3. LOW OPERATING COSTS. Once you're up and running you can build your business on a budget of a hundred dollars a month or less. I'm including operating expenses like hosting fees, merchant accounts, etc. The less money you spend,repparttar 117168 more time it will take, but you don't have that choice in most businesses. You usually have to have a lot of cash or you can't get started.

4. HIGH PROFIT MARGIN. Since your costs are low you keep more ofrepparttar 117169 money you make from sales. If you sell a product delivered online (like e-books) you don't have to pay for shipping either.

5. MARKET FOR LITTLE OR NO MONEY. You probably already know this, but don't take it for granted. Online you can submit free ads, do ad swaps with your ezine, use pay per click search engines, etc. Check out how much advertising costs offline. Just to mail 1,000 letters costs $340.00! Instead you can e-mail your offer to 100,000 people for free.

6. YOU DON'T NEED YOUR OWN PRODUCT. There are a ton of folks with great products you can sell through affiliate programs. Go to for ideas if you don't know what you want to sell. You can make a great living just from marketing for other people in your spare time.

The Secret Weapons of Success

Written by Sopan Greene, M.A.,

There are two things that will determine your success or failure in business. Actually, they will berepparttar source of your rise or fall in life whether or not you choose to make money online.

The first success factor will be what you have between your ears. A wise man once said "As you think, so you become." No truer words have ever been spoken.

Your mindset is your life and you control it by feeding it health food or junk food. The mind is like a machine that helps to create whatever it focuses on. This happens even if you're not aware of it.

Everything in your life today, good or bad, is a product of your past thoughts. If you don't know what you want you're going to keep on not getting what you want. You have to takerepparttar 117160 time to figure out what you want and then to keep your mind focused on bringing it to you.

This isn't some new age philosophy. It's been taught over and over by some ofrepparttar 117161 worlds greatest successes for centuries. Why? Because it works.

How do you put your mind to work for what you want?

Telling you how isrepparttar 117162 easy part:

- Feed your mind with books, tapes, music and movies that inspire you and motivate you to createrepparttar 117163 life of your dreams

- Avoid negative input from books, music, movies, TV, news and magazines that have a reputation for being cynical.

- Surround yourself with positive people and keep "dream stealers" out of your life permanently. Life's too short to spend time with complainers instead of creators.

- Say affirmations of how you see yourself inrepparttar 117164 life you want.

- Be grateful for whatever you have. When you give thanks for what you have you will attract more of what you want.

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