The 10 Myths of Successful Selling

Written by John Mitchell

Myth #1 You should close early and often

Myth #2 Sell features to get a higher price

Myth #3 Thereís no methodology to selling - itís pure art

Myth #4 Objections are a sign of customer interest

Myth #5 Open questions are better than closed questions

Myth #6 You canít teach a person to sell

Myth #7 You have to understandrepparttar difference between wants and needs


Written by P J Chandler

"DON'T BUY FROM THIS SITE!" 10 things you must do to avoid losing customers.

by P J Chandler

How welcoming is your web site - and how easy is it for potential customers to buy from you?

Some otherwise professional-looking sites put unnecessary obstacles inrepparttar way of their users - they may as well put up a sign saying "Don't Buy From This Site". Is yours one of them?

Here is a checklist of 10 things you can do to maximize sales from your site:

1. Keep it focused - don't try to be all things to all surfers. Specialisation is king in a global marketplace: aim to berepparttar 127286 best in your particular field.

2. Keep it simple - make sure your navigation system is easy to use. No page on your site should me more that two clicks away from your home page.

3. Use plain language - net jargon has its place, but do not use it on non-technical sites. The same goes for unexplained abbreviations.

4. Don't exclude people - if your offer is only available in a defined geographical area, say so clearly and up front before people start filling in forms. A prime offender is holiday offers that turn out only to apply to US residents.

5. Only request relevant information - customers will be put off if they have to complete overly-detailed forms before getting repparttar 127287 information they need.

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