The 'Secret' To Website Success Revealed

Written by David Holmes

You work long hours everyday and sometimes feel like you've accomplished nothing. It can be as thankless as doingrepparttar dishes. Your website is free for everyone, but it's not free to you. There are people that for whatever reason will see what you're selling, by pass your link and go straight torepparttar 128255 company. They just hate to see you make a profit off a sale to them. It doesn't save them money or anything, they just don't want to be a source for your income. This happens more than others think, and there's nothing you can do about it. For $87 you know of at least 18 'gurus' who will solve this problem for you, but logic makes you hang on to your money. Scams are very where. Everyone who knows you're trying to make money onrepparttar 128256 net is spamming you to death with get rich schemes, get more traffic schemes, get people to buy your stuff schemes. Confusion sets in. You keep wondering whatrepparttar 128257 best ways are to get people to your site is, to get them to buy something, to get them to sign up for your newsletter, to get then to want to return. So you work more at optimizing keywords, content, and graphics in hopes to sucking up torepparttar 128258 mighty search engines, because no self proclaimed 'guru' is going to get rich off you. Finally some traffic comes. But your sales conversion is still under 1% and no one is signing up for your newsletter. You put up a mini poll atrepparttar 128259 suggestion of some website 'guru' but no one participates. Same with a forum or Yahoo club. You spend hours tracking your visitors page views trying to give them what they want, then realize that people are just taking and taking without leaving any compensation for your work. You begin to resentrepparttar 128260 people who just take for granted that everything onrepparttar 128261 web just got there somehow. Of course you were like that too. Now that you have a website you will never surfrepparttar 128262 webrepparttar 128263 same way again. NEVER!

You check your sales stats and hope you can keep your site going for another few months on nothing. You think about trying to build new sites to support your main site, which by now has becomerepparttar 128264 love of your life. You even go without essentials to payrepparttar 128265 bandwidth so more people can come and take your stuff for free. You suspect you're crazy. You threaten to start a porn or gambling site just forrepparttar 128266 money, but dismiss those thoughts rather quickly now that you realize there is no such thing as free money onrepparttar 128267 net, or anywhere inrepparttar 128268 world. And you don't want to start all over again. Besides, your heart just isn't in it. It's in your main site.

Can Newbies Repair Their Search Engine Listing?

Written by Francisco Aloy

So, you got a big surprise last night, didn't you? You went to search for your Website and it wasn't there anymore! Where did it go? Did you have to use double quotes just to find it? Not a pleasant feeling, I bet!

Let's face it: having your website de-listed or sent allrepparttar way back torepparttar 128254 start ofrepparttar 128255 line isn't a joking matter! All those months of hard work just gone downrepparttar 128256 drain! Poof !!

Is there a way out of this seemingly mortal blow to your website; can you repair your Search Engine Listing? Yes there is! If your mistake was one ofrepparttar 128257 dumb mistakes we all make on account of lack of experience, there is a solution.

Don't thinkrepparttar 128258 Search Engines are stone monoliths; you can talk to them! However,repparttar 128259 first thing you have to do is be calm and deliberate your next moves as you repairrepparttar 128260 damage to your Search Engine listing.

Here are some pointers to look forrepparttar 128261 source of your Search Engine troubles:

(a) Go back torepparttar 128262 nearest specific date your website was doing well withrepparttar 128263 Search Engines.

(b) Think of any changes you've done to your Website since then and make a list.

(c) Have you created any other websites/blogs/message boards with a very close or identical name?

(d) Have you done any tweaking to your Meta tags or website content?

(e) Have you used any artificial web page or content enhancement technology?

Once you revise your list and eliminate any obvious reasons for trouble, keep on going looking for any others sources of problems. By all means, do a thorough inspection and don't leave a stone unturned. Repair and revise isrepparttar 128264 thing!

Go back torepparttar 128265 basics and do your homework; don't put too much stake on much ofrepparttar 128266 (mis)information you find floating aroundrepparttar 128267 Web. You also have to consider that Search Engine technology is an evolving thing and what worked two years ago, won't necessarily work today. Make sure your sources of information are fresh and relevant.

Here are published guidelines on what some ofrepparttar 128268 big Search Engines take into consideration for a good listing:


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