The 'Matrix' Help For Keyphrase Analysis

Written by Aji Issac

Keyword analysis is a major part of search engine marketing. Chooserepparttar right key phrase,checkrepparttar 140662 market and calculaterepparttar 140663 ROI in terms of time and money.

I am just trying to redefine "The Boston Matrix" in terms of keypharse analysis, hoping that it will help in your investments.

There are three steps to it,

1. Market

2. Competition

3. Conversion Ratio

Let me explain it one by one:-


Check different key phrases using suggestion tools like word tracker, or , it doesn't have to be perfect as we are just looking for keyphrases with high search shares.Choose as many as possible with promising market.Google's Adword can also be used.


Search in Google or yahoo and see how many sites are listed under respective key phrase search.For example when I search for 'key phrase' in google it says, - Results 1 - 10 of about 4,800,000 for 'key phrase'- this givesrepparttar 140664 primary idea ofrepparttar 140665 competition. Takerepparttar 140666 first ten websites in SERP and checkrepparttar 140667 following factors:-

1. Back Links (directly proportional to PR)

2. Saturation

3. Ranked Page's onpage attributes like Title, keyword density e.t.c

Competition is directly proportional to Back Links, Saturation and onpage factors but I considerrepparttar 140668 back links more crucial as achieving better saturation level along with onpage optimization is comparatively easier to obtain.

Conversion Ratio:

If 100 visits are made to your website from a key phrase, how many will get converted (sigup or buy).For examplerepparttar 140669 key phrase 'mortgage quote' will have higher conversion ratio compared to 'mortgage rate' asrepparttar 140670 person searching for 'mortgage quote' is more likely to signup.

Create your own 'Boston Matrix' for keyphrase analysis.

How To Write Hypnotic Arti;les

Written by Larry Dotson

Writing articles and submitting them to online publications is one ofrepparttar most effective ways to get free advertising for your business.Most ezine and website publishers are constantly looking for free quality content to publish.You simply write something short and sweet and e-mail it to them.

You then allow this publishers to reprint your articles for free in exchange fpr your resource box being included atrepparttar 140582 end of your article.

And that isrepparttar 140583 key, of course.Your resource boxisrepparttar 140584 acceptable advert that makes this free articles work in your favour.There is an example of a resource box atrepparttar 140585 end of this article.

Your resource box can include all or some ofrepparttar 140586 following;your name,business name,e-mail address,web address,a brief mention about your busines,or a freebie.

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