The “Minimal” Garden

Written by Johann Erickson

Some people who lead busy professional and personal lives, don’t feel they haverepparttar time to invest inrepparttar 138653 constant upkeep of floral and other gardens, but would still like to do something about landscaping or decorating their property. And there are others for whom gardens are simply not their “thing”, but they like a little decoration, withoutrepparttar 138654 fuss of digging, planting, and constant weeding. For them,repparttar 138655 “minimal” garden or yard arrangements may berepparttar 138656 best choice.

Strictly speaking, not all these ideas involve a garden, but do utilize garden accessories and other items of garden décor, to createrepparttar 138657 look or atmosphere that a homeowner can enjoy, while not feeling guilty about getting behind inrepparttar 138658 care of their plants and flowers.

If you are fortunate enough to have a large property, or if your yard borders on a field,repparttar 138659 ideal “garden” that takes little care is one that’s planted with wild flowers. Withrepparttar 138660 proper set up, not only will this provide you with colorful blossoms and beautiful grasses, but it will also attract a variety of birds and butterflies.

First, check to see what kind of soil you have, and whether it is suited torepparttar 138661 wildflower seed that is available in your area. Next, if you don’t have a garden that you are letting revert torepparttar 138662 wild, you may need to have someone use a rotor-tiller to break up a long swath of earth alongrepparttar 138663 side or back of your lawn. Make sure this has been well-turned, and there is sufficient soil onrepparttar 138664 surface forrepparttar 138665 seeds to take anchor in, as opposed to scattering them on hard clumps of sod that may be dense with grass roots.

“Wild” garden seed can be purchased in containers, in pre-seeded strips of bio-degradable material, and in “sheets”, which are simply laid on top of ground that has been prepared and watered. Checkrepparttar 138666 progress of your garden as it begins to sprout, and if there are any bare patches that show no promise of growth, you can scratch uprepparttar 138667 surface with a garden rake, and sprinkle some more seed. Even if you usedrepparttar 138668 pre-planted materials, a little dirt added on top, with some seed, will help fill inrepparttar 138669 open spaces.

Origin of Lawn Furniture

Written by Johann Erickson

Did you ever wonder where “lawn” furniture originated? Inrepparttar 1800s as people began to enjoy their gardens and patios, furniture was set outside, but had to be brought in during inclement weather. The answer of course, would be furniture made forrepparttar 138652 outdoors.

And that’s what Thomas Lee came up with in 1903, while vacationing with his family in 1903, at Westport, New York. He wanted something comfortable, and suited torepparttar 138653 sloping grounds of his cottage. So he went to work with a saw, and a single plank of wood, cutting out only eleven pieces that he assembled into what is now known asrepparttar 138654 Adirondack chair.

This basic, flat slat chair, usually with a fan shaped back, also tilted slightly in its positioning, to make it suitable torepparttar 138655 uneven ground where Lee’s family spentrepparttar 138656 summer.

Intrigued byrepparttar 138657 outcome, and needing a source of winter income, his friend Harry Bunnell patentedrepparttar 138658 chair, and began turning them out in his workshop duringrepparttar 138659 cold months, to sell torepparttar 138660 summer population. His creations were all made of hemlock, then painted in dark greens or browns, and signed.

The hallmark ofrepparttar 138661 Adirondack chair, is its wide, flat armrests, supremely comfortable inrepparttar 138662 many forms of outdoor furniture that are now included as part ofrepparttar 138663 Adirondack style. Withrepparttar 138664 solid wood construction, and adequate coating to protect it againstrepparttar 138665 rain and sun, these bits of Americana will last for years.

Today,repparttar 138666 chairs come in a wide variety of colors, and have expanded into love seats, gliders, and other forms of outdoor furniture that are still clearly recognizable by their slat construction, andrepparttar 138667 standard armrests.

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