The ‘Sub-Domain’ - An Affiliate’s Friend

Written by Stephen Brennan

It’s surprising, at least to me,repparttar amount of Affiliates who aren’t aware ofrepparttar 146212 value and flexibility thatrepparttar 146213 ‘sub-domain’ can give their promotional website activities. Set up inrepparttar 146214 right way, a single domain through a host who includes multiple ‘sub-domains’ in their hosting package can fill ALLrepparttar 146215 online needs of evenrepparttar 146216 busiest and most diversified Affiliate.

Firstly, for those who need to know, a ‘sub-domain’ is simply a separate, individual web folder, which can be attached to a ‘main’ domain and treated in all respects as a separate entity online. It is similar to a ‘sub-web’, which most hosting facilities include except that it is, in it’s own right, treated as a separate domain byrepparttar 146217 SEs rather than a sub-folder under a domain.

The way in which they are represented online as URLs is as follows:

For instance, if you have a domain name, ‘’ and you add a sub-domain named ‘bubble’,repparttar 146218 URL to that particular ‘website’ (which is what each sub-domain amounts to, a separate website) will be ‘’. No doubt, many have seen these types of URLs online and in promo emails etc. The ‘dot’ betweenrepparttar 146219 sub-domain and main domain is not to be confused withrepparttar 146220 ‘dash’ that can be used as part of a main domain. For instance, ‘’ would need to be registered and propagated in it’s own right whereas, sub-domains can be created under a main domain in a matter of seconds, with their own FTP password, image, private and cgi-bin folders etc.

What makes them so valuable a tool, if it’s not so obvious already, is that an Affiliate can create a separate website for totally unrelated products or services, fill each website withrepparttar 146221 necessary pages of content, links and facilities etc and promote each torepparttar 146222 Search Engines and other directories, virtually as if it were a different main domain. As I’ve said,repparttar 146223 SEs treat each sub-domain as a separate entity and categorize them as such. A very handy ability when it comes to Affiliate programs that supply a website or webpage for their Affiliates to use and promote. In such a case, you can basically make that page or site your very own in every respect, optimizing for SEs and presenting it how ever you please (provided no agreements are broken).

Dead Domains - find out How to give them a Good Send Off

Written by E Margaret MacGillivray

How many times have you bookmarked a web site and, months later, gone back to find thatrepparttar original content has disappeared andrepparttar 144705 new web site appears to be a directory of links? How frustrating is that! Have you stopped and considered why this is happening? If you wererepparttar 144706 owner ofrepparttar 144707 domain name, how annoyed were you to find that your domain is live and well and earning someone else some money when you couldn’t make an honest dollar from your old web site?

There are several things which you ought to know about your domain name registration. While you pay forrepparttar 144708 annual renewal ofrepparttar 144709 registration, and especially if you have “locked” your domain name, it is yours. However, when you don’t renewrepparttar 144710 name with your registrar, it goes through a protection scheme of up to 75 days when you can renewrepparttar 144711 registration and addrepparttar 144712 domain name back into your portfolio. After that, it’s open hunting season for expired domain names, particularly those with web traffic.

There are many Domain Name Hunters who scourrepparttar 144713 internet each and every day looking for valuable domains which show signs of death. The obvious signs are thatrepparttar 144714 domain hasn’t been renewed and is inrepparttar 144715 redemption period. There are several well known companies whose sole role in life is to snap uprepparttar 144716 expired domains THE SECOND that they become available again (they have developed software to allow them to do this) – and then they either sell them torepparttar 144717 highest bidder – or put a directory site on them which has a whole lot of affiliate links of one kind or another. Then they sit back and let your work in building traffic bring in a small income each month. As they probably own thousands of domains, this business can be extremely profitable for them. All this is perfectly legal and above board. These are genuine businesses who are breaking no rules and they are expanding allrepparttar 144718 time.

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