The $27,000 Toilet Seat - A Funny DIY Story

Written by Paul Forte

The following incident was relayed to me by a Plumber I know:

I received a call from a homeowner asking for someone to come estimate some repairs. When I askedrepparttar sort of repairs, he said it would be too many to enumerate, but much easier if I just came out torepparttar 142771 house and looked. I went.

It began like this............ Old Joe wanted to change his toilet seat, but couldn't getrepparttar 142772 old one off. So he tried wrenches until he rounded offrepparttar 142773 nuts (he was turning themrepparttar 142774 wrong way because they were upside down) and then decided to get his trusty cold chisel and hammer out. Well, he tapped a bit on it with no success, so he drew backrepparttar 142775 hammer to smite a mighty blow againstrepparttar 142776 stubborn bolt. In so doing he brokerepparttar 142777 toilet tank and floodedrepparttar 142778 area with cold water. This cold water gave him a shock and he drew back in a hurry droppingrepparttar 142779 hammer intorepparttar 142780 bathtub causing a big chunk ofrepparttar 142781 porcelain to pop offrepparttar 142782 tub floor.

Regrouping his thoughts, he ran down torepparttar 142783 basement two floors below to shut offrepparttar 142784 water torepparttar 142785 house,repparttar 142786 house had no other valves installed when it was built inrepparttar 142787 1890's. Meanwhile water was flooding throughrepparttar 142788 floors and had saturatedrepparttar 142789 plaster ofrepparttar 142790 ceiling below torepparttar 142791 point it collapsed intorepparttar 142792 living room.

Old Joe then removed what was left ofrepparttar 142793 toilet tank, and tried to removerepparttar 142794 bowl fromrepparttar 142795 floor flange. It wouldn't budge either, so out comesrepparttar 142796 trusty chisel and hammer again, and "WHACK" no more toilet bowl. Inrepparttar 142797 process however, he managed to tearrepparttar 142798 closet flange fromrepparttar 142799 floor as well, and since it was attached to a lead closet bend, it torn and now needed replaced too.

Conservatory Blinds Revisited

Written by Garry John

A beautiful room deserves beautiful windows. You’ve put a lot of thought and effort into making your conservatory a showpiece, with windows that bring inrepparttar beauties ofrepparttar 142706 sky and gardens. Sometimes, though,repparttar 142707 sun and heat are just a little too strong, or you’d like a little privacy. Conservatory blinds arerepparttar 142708 answer – but not just any blinds to block outrepparttar 142709 heat and sun. Withrepparttar 142710 wide variety of conservatory blinds to choose from, your choice can enhancerepparttar 142711 qualities in your room that are most important to you.

When choosing conservatory blinds, you need to give thought to two very different kinds of construction –repparttar 142712 windows of your roof, andrepparttar 142713 conservatory wall windows. Because every conservatory style is different, you can’t simply walk into a shop and bring home an armload of window blinds. Your conservatory blinds will need to be custom fitted and created to fit your windows and suitrepparttar 142714 style of your room. A company that specializes in conservatory window treatments can show you allrepparttar 142715 different options for providing privacy and light control in your haven of serenity without destroyingrepparttar 142716 ambience that you’ve worked so hard to create.

Experience shows thatrepparttar 142717 main reasons that people choose to add conservatory blinds to their rooms are

- To reduce glare and heat

The industry term for a south-facing conservatory is ‘oven’ – because that’s what it feels like mid-afternoon on a hot summer day. Conservatory blinds or window coatings can help reducerepparttar 142718 heat build-up and glare that can make evenrepparttar 142719 most beautifully designed room uncomfortable.

- To provide privacy

Those lovely expanses of glass that allow you to see out also allow others to see in. Conservatory blinds provide privacy when you want it.

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