The $12,500 Copywriting Formula

Written by Sopan Greene

Have you heard of Brian Keith Voiles? Probably not, but if you have eyes you've seen his ad campaigns and you probably even bought products that he created ad campaigns for. Would you like to haverepparttar formula he gets paid $12,500 to put into use for Fortune 500 Companies?

Well then, today's your lucky day, isn't it? If you follow this formula whenever you write a sales letter or an ad you'll see how well it increases your success. Remember thatrepparttar 108193 key to writing a sales letter is thatrepparttar 108194 job of every paragraph is to makerepparttar 108195 reader want to readrepparttar 108196 next paragraph.

Use this as a skeleton when you write ads and then go back through your ad to make sure you've covered all nine points inrepparttar 108197 right order.

1. ATTENTION - Write a headline that GRABS your reader. Fear or curiosity are good places to start. For example: "Ex-Truck Driver Makes $21,815 a Month Doing What You're Not"

2. INTEREST - Listrepparttar 108198 benefits of your product or service. Acknowledge their problem while showing you haverepparttar 108199 solution. Show that you've been where they are and you can help them.

If You Respect Them, They Will Buy--Closing the Sale

Written by Jian Wang

We've all hadrepparttar unfortunate experience of being convinced by a pushy salesperson to buy something we weren't sure we wanted. You may have really wantedrepparttar 108192 product, but after being pushed into buying it, you don't want it anymore. You either return it or you never patronizerepparttar 108193 store again.

Since you resentrepparttar 108194 experience, don't recreate it for others when you are trying to sell. If you didn't appreciate being pressured and disrespected, no one else will either. When trying to close a sale, you must always respectrepparttar 108195 opinions and thoughts ofrepparttar 108196 buyer. If all you care about is your payoff, then you will drive customers away. They will be afraid to buy from you, thinking that you will always try and convince them to buy things they don't want.

Here are some helpful tips to help you close a sale with class:

1. Be kind and considerate: Don't try to foolrepparttar 108197 customer. You will get a lot further if you're really trying to help them, instead of just helping yourself.

2. Give them a direct request: You can let them know what you want them to do. Don't be afraid to ask forrepparttar 108198 order or sale. The customer will know you are being honest if you tell them what you really want them to do.

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