That One Magic Word

Written by Gail Hornback

I still have a vivid memory ofrepparttar exact moment that I caught my very first glimpse of that banner ad! It said that I could Get Paid to Surfrepparttar 119093 Web!!! I immediately knew it wasn't going to take me very long to be bringing in a steady income!!!!

Little did I know, that wasrepparttar 119094 beginning of a not so long journey to discoveringrepparttar 119095 vast black holes of opportunities that lie out there onrepparttar 119096 internet!!! Actually, it was an answer to prayer. Andrepparttar 119097 journey continues!!!

What it all boils down to, though, is one basic, underlying truth, that I feel that too many people are being duped into ignoring. THERE ARE NO MAGIC GET RICH QUICK PROGRAMS!!!! There is one "secret" to being successful in an internet business (of any kind) that I believe we all know deep down in our hearts that is always true --------PERSEVERANCE. Hard work. Keeping at it. And at it. And at it!

With that in mind, let's look atrepparttar 119098 word PERSERVERANCE, and take it a step at a time!!!! Within that word, are some timeless truths that will ALWAYS help you to succeed inrepparttar 119099 end!

You're Trying To Succeed Online Doing THAT?

Written by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

You SAY you want to achieve online success, right? But, with all due respect, how do you expect to pull this off when you're making so many mistakes? I mean, this is real life, folks, not just another edition of "Ted Mack's Original Amateur Hour"!

So, let's get SERIOUS, shall we?

You're Trying To Make Money Online W/ THAT Website?

The number of self-defeating websites is staggering. What's really pathetic is that real people are trying to make real money with them. They never will, of course, and will no doubt blamerepparttar Internet for failing them when it's their own darned fault no one's knockin' atrepparttar 119092 door.

Now go to

These are professionally designed sites which are ready for you to move into NOW -- NO WAITING!

Then look again, closely, at your site.

Here are some ofrepparttar 119093 things you're very likely to see that are dragging you down:

1) your site isn't trying as hard as possible to capturerepparttar 119094 prospect's follow-up information, includingrepparttar 119095 all-important e-mail address

2) your site doesn't start out with a strong, in-your- face flash graphics presentation that puts you in immediate contact with your prospect.

3) your site doesn't make motivating offers.

4) your site is jumbled, without clear focus; you're not guidingrepparttar 119096 prospect to do what you want her to do.

These are all problems which destroy your ability to profit online.

You're Trying To Make Money Online Selling THAT?

Take a look at what you're selling. Is there any VALUE to it? As I write, we're in a period of massive economic uncertainty and confusion in allrepparttar 119097 world's leading economies, including Europe, Japan, andrepparttar 119098 United States.

What do people do in such conditions? THEY GET VERY, VERY CAUTIOUS.

Thus, if you want to profit in a downturn, you'd damn well better focus on presenting VALUE.

People always want VALUE, of course, but when times are good, they get slack. They buy whatever takes their fancy; they're less questioning, less critical, more laid back.

However, when times are troubling, they start asking tougher questions which all emanate from one central question: is it worthrepparttar 119099 money?

By this standard, a significant percentage of online "businesses" are a joke. Look at one site after another and ask yourself one question, "Where'srepparttar 119100 VALUE here?"

Sites packed with cheap affiliate and MLM programs are doomed! Sites focusing on low priced products and services forrepparttar 119101 "little guys" will crash! Sites that feel (and look) like "get rich quick" schemes never make it.

If you do not sell VALUE, you're just asking to flush your business downrepparttar 119102 toilet.

You're Trying To Achieve Online Success With THAT?

To succeed online, you need certain tools, including

* your own domain * a listserver, so you can reach all your prospects, customers, and subscribers withrepparttar 119103 touch of one button * a sales manager, so you can automatically, personally follow up every single prospect you've got * professional website design, becauserepparttar 119104 way you present what you're selling is too important to be left to amateurs * guaranteed traffic.

How many of these tools do YOU have? Yeah, I thought so. You're trying to buildrepparttar 119105 Hoover Dam with a teaspoon and a rake. Get serious!

Now go back to

Each and every one ofrepparttar 119106 e-properties you're looking at has allrepparttar 119107 tools you need to succeed online.

You are not going to succeed online withoutrepparttar 119108 right tools. Every day you try to make it without them you're just fooling yourself. It can't be done. If you keep trying to succeed online withoutrepparttar 119109 tools you need, you're just proving that you're a fool.

You're Trying To Succeed Online With THAT "marketing"?

The Internet is a marketer's paradise -- but only if you know how to market.

Millions of people are discovering, to their chagrin and disappointment, that marketing means more than posting a site, running a few free classified ads, trading some free links, and waiting to hirerepparttar 119110 Brink's truck to run their millions torepparttar 119111 bank.

In fact, this Great Age of Marketing, is proving to berepparttar 119112 Biggest Age of Marketing Disappointment torepparttar 119113 vast majority of people online.

I, for one, am NOT sympathetic to this problem.

People like you go online without any copywriting skills and try to write copy. It fails, miserably -- but predictably. Copywriting is a profession. You have to study what it takes to succeed. Yetrepparttar 119114 vast majority of online "marketers," suffering from that fatal mixture of hubris and stupidity go merrily forward, only to fall flat. Humbly, I suggest they study my best-selling book "Cash Copy: How To Offer Your Products And Services So Your Prospects Buy Them... NOW!" (Go to for further details on this and other materials that'll turn you into a better -- that is to say, profit-making -- marketer!)

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