That's Not Aunt Mary

Written by John Cali

Our thoughts often turn to our families duringrepparttar holiday season. Duringrepparttar 122187 recent holidays, I got to thinking about my mother, Mary. She died in 1988.

In my family’s Roman Catholic religious tradition, we had “wakes” when someone died. A wake consisted of displayingrepparttar 122188 body in an open casket for several days beforerepparttar 122189 funeral mass and burial. Friends and family would come to pay their respects torepparttar 122190 dead one and her immediate family.

During my mother’s wake, two of my elderly cousins appeared one afternoon together. Giovanni and Giuseppe were brothers, and rather colorful Sicilian characters. They bustled intorepparttar 122191 funeral home, rushing headlong torepparttar 122192 back room ofrepparttar 122193 building.

Kneeling beforerepparttar 122194 casket with bowed heads, they offered a silent prayer. As they rose to their feet, they looked, forrepparttar 122195 first time, intorepparttar 122196 casket. After exchanging long, shocked glances with each other, Giovanni finally blurted out, “That’s not Aunt Mary!”

Giovanni and Giuseppe had gone intorepparttar 122197 wrong room. As it happened that day, there were two wakes atrepparttar 122198 funeral home. The brothers had not bothered to check which room my mother’s wake was in.

Later on, we had a large dinner party to celebrate my mother’s life, as isrepparttar 122199 Sicilian custom. And we all had a good laugh at Giovanni’s and Giuseppe’s colossal blunder.

On a more serious note, I got to thinking later about how often we dorepparttar 122200 same thing my cousins did. Except we do it in our relationships with live human beings.

How often do we not even bother to look and see who this person before us is? We just plough thoughtlessly and blindly ahead, not caring enough to really look and see.

Chief Joseph

You live in a world today that often seems impersonal and uncaring. A world whererepparttar 122201 individual seemingly counts for little. Even in your modern world of technology,repparttar 122202 marvelous and quick communication your technology affords you often becomes impersonal and uncaring.

Dream Interpretation: Summer Dreaming

Written by Mary Shadow

I usually am pretty good at remembering my dreams, but for some reason this one slipped through.

The dream went like this: I was walking alongrepparttar beach and I could feelrepparttar 122186 sand between my toes, and a faint cool breeze washedrepparttar 122187 sweet smell ofrepparttar 122188 ocean over my face. The sea lapped atrepparttar 122189 shore and it was very calm and serene, whilst full of warmth atrepparttar 122190 same time. It all seemed so perfect, and I am greatful to be able to remember that happy place again.

My dear friend at Destiny Psychics [] who do dream interpretations tell me that dreaming of summer indicates that joyous events are onrepparttar 122191 horizon- days full of prosperity. So it looks like happy days for me this summer.

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