"Thanks Honey, I love you"

Written by Nathaniel William Perkins

"Thanks Honey, I love you"

By NATE PERKINS Hello Friends- My name is Nate Perkins andrepparttar other day I said to my wife I am going to retire this year. She went Crazy. She said no way your only 49! That is when things started flying and I just barely dodgerepparttar 142054 cast iron skillet she threw at me. I said honey wait a minute. Remember that internet program I joined in March,repparttar 142055 one withrepparttar 142056 unique formula for success. Well, here is my pay for this week. "Wow", was all she said! I then showed her what my pay would be inrepparttar 142057 coming months and all she could say again was "WOW ... Unbelievable". I said yes Honey, it may seem unbelievable, but it is true and what I haven't told you is I signed you up in this incredible program and here is your pay for this week. Her only question to me was, "How is this one working whenrepparttar 142058 other programs before did not?" So I told her aboutrepparttar 142059 EZ Wealth by Design program and how I threw my hat in with a team of people that have a formula for making all folks that joinrepparttar 142060 program some serious money. Money that will make every member wealthy and financially set for life. I was told that I didn't have to do anything but join for everything is on auto pilot to buildrepparttar 142061 program. I told her I was skeptical at first, but I could see they were on to something so I signed both of us up. All she could say was, "Thanks Honey, I love you". Folks you can also share in our happiness. This group of people hasrepparttar 142062 formula for helping everyone find success and it is so EZ .... The choice is all your. Come join us and become financially free this year or you can keep doing what you are doing and hope to retire one day with a pension. It is your decision. I want to see you succeed just like I am and never have to worry about money for you and your family again.

Buyer Beware of Cheap Web Hosting Companies

Written by Jennifer Wardwell

Are you inrepparttar market for a web host for your website? Well buyer beware! There are literally thousands of fly-by-night companies out there that are willing to take your money and run, and not care when your site goes down. We know how important it is that your site is up, because if your site is down, part of your business is down. We have seen hundreds of customers come to us angry and frustrated about having purchased some big amount of web space really cheap, only a month later to find their site down and their host not returning their emails. Sorepparttar 142036 following is a list of things that you can do to protect yourself. Ask these questions, and you can't go wrong.

- Find out how longrepparttar 142037 company has been in business and how many customers they currently serve.

- Find out what kind of technical support they offer. If your site is down at 6 pm and they only offer 9-5 support, then your site could potentially be down for many hours before anyone responds to you.

- Find out how much web space you will receive with your account. As a general rule, if any company is offering you Unlimited hosting or is offering you more than 1 GB of space for less than $10 per month, then run away and don't look back. Look for a host that has prices that are comparable inrepparttar 142038 range of other hosts onrepparttar 142039 web. If you go cheap you may end up in trouble, and paying at least $10 a month for space is not a lot of extra money for some peace of mind.

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