Text ads as cost-effective envoys

Written by Steve Hawker

This article discussesrepparttar roles of various advertising media, including text ads. The article concludes that text ads do have a role to play in businesses’ advertising campaigns, as cost-effective envoys.

Today, there are many ways to advertise businesses' products and services. The range is from plain and simple text ads in local classified directories, to exotic and sophisticated commercials on national television. Thanks to technological developments and tumbling technology prices,repparttar 135306 whole of this range is available now to just about any profitable business.

One result is confusion in many business advertisers’ minds over where best to invest their budgets. Another isrepparttar 135307 tendency for them to be seduced byrepparttar 135308 power of ‘rich’ media, like video and audio. Rich advertising media is, undoubtedly, powerful. Rich adverts produced by skilled practitioners with adequate budgets haverepparttar 135309 capacity to influence our behaviour in extraordinary ways. Onrepparttar 135310 other hand, rich adverts produced by unskilled practitioners with low budgets haverepparttar 135311 capacity to inflict extraordinary damage on products, brands and companies.

This said, we seem to be increasingly immune to rich adverts now, even to those that are produced imaginatively and well resourced. Television commercials that would have shocked, or beguiled, us into new behaviours ten years ago tend to have less impact these days. It takes an innovative advert to make us sit up and pay attention, and one that’s truly amazing to keep us interested. At this time, only two television commercials meet these criteria forrepparttar 135312 author. One isrepparttar 135313 Citroen car that turns into a dancing robot andrepparttar 135314 other isrepparttar 135315 ‘Gene Kelly’ advert for Volkswagen’s new Golf.

The average advertiser of small and medium-sized businesses cannot hope to compete with adverts like these. If they make brave attempts, they runrepparttar 135316 significant commercial risk of producing advertisements that make their offers seem ridiculous or cheap by comparison.

Given technical advances, like those that put digital video editing and viral marketing techniques inrepparttar 135317 hands of lay people, business advertisers must tread warily. Even if they can hirerepparttar 135318 means to create rich, amusing adverts that captivate, inform and motivate,repparttar 135319 creation process can take a considerable time to complete. During this time, it is necessary to keeprepparttar 135320 topic, message and story line of their adverts secret, to ensurerepparttar 135321 desired impact on release.

So, what do we have so far? It seems that there is a bewildering array of advertising options these days. Exotic, rich media are intrinsically attractive to advertisers. All that motion and colour is so, so tempting. Yet, adverts using rich media must be resourced and managed properly if they are to be credible. This implies adequate amounts of skill, money, time and security.

In our modern world, it’s easy to overlookrepparttar 135322 fact that there are other faster, cheaper and more secure ways to advertise, that require fewer skills to produce than video say. I won’t list all of them here, but it’s worth noting magazines, billboards andrepparttar 135323 Internet in passing. These delivery media largely support static images, although they do offerrepparttar 135324 power of colour. Text can be interspersed withrepparttar 135325 images,repparttar 135326 drawback here beingrepparttar 135327 effort required of potential customers to read sales messages. In television and radio ads, sales messages are generally spoken.

Like television and radio, magazine, billboard and Internet adverts are built around emotive images. The associated text messages are vitally important, but customers’ eyes are attracted initially torepparttar 135328 images. Advertisers use powerful, arresting images to make potential customers stop what they are doing and pay attention. Then, supporting media like text interest them torepparttar 135329 point that they do something desirable as far asrepparttar 135330 advertiser’s concerned, like telephone a call centre. The role of images is to stimulate, or agitate, potential customers torepparttar 135331 extent that they make contact with businesses and, thereby, satisfy some 'problem'.

7 Easy Ways To Increase Sales

Written by David Bell

"What am I doing wrong?" That's a question business owners often ask themselves when business is slow. Often,repparttar answer is... "You're not doing anything wrong. You just need to do some things better -- and you need to start doing a few things you've been neglecting." Here's a list you can use to evaluate your own marketing efforts. It includes what I've found to berepparttar 135171 7 most important marketing principles contributing torepparttar 135172 success of ANY business. 1. TARGET SPECIFIC NICHE MARKETS Everyone may be a prospect for your product or service. But your marketing efforts will producerepparttar 135173 best results forrepparttar 135174 lowest cost when you target prospects withrepparttar 135175 greatest need for what you offer. Identify a niche market. Customize your promotional material to appeal to their greatest need. Then multiply your results by defining several other niche markets and slanting your promotional materials to appealrepparttar 135176 biggest need of prospects in each market. 2. PROMOTE YOUR OWN USP USP is short for "Unique Selling Proposition". It'srepparttar 135177 compelling reason why a prospect will do business with you instead of with your competition. You'll attractrepparttar 135178 maximum number of customers when you offer a benefit they cannot get from your competitors. If you don't already have a USP, create one by adding something to your business you're not already offering. Convert it into a benefit statement and include that statement in all your advertising. 3. NEVER ADVERTISE WITHOUT AN OFFER Always include a powerful offer in your advertising. Offer free information related to your product or service to generate inquiries or website traffic. Then makerepparttar 135179 most compelling discount or bonus offer you can afford -- to convert these inquiring prospects into paying customers. This automatically leads torepparttar 135180 next marketing principle... 4. COLLECT CONTACT INFORMATION AND USE IT TO FOLLOW UP Most prospects won't buyrepparttar 135181 first time they hear or see your sales message. You need a system to collect contact information enabling you to reach them again with periodic reminders and offers. Many businesses develop over 50 percent of their sales by following up with prospects who previously requested information but didn't buy -- yet. Advertising is expensive. Maximize your return on it by following up periodically withrepparttar 135182 prospects it produced to convert more of them into customers.

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