Texas Cooking

Written by Two Cousins

The two girls met sometime ago at a much earlier age. They knew right away that they would become friends, if notrepparttar best of friends. Time passed and they would see each other at family functions and learn much about each other. Then one day, they both ended up inrepparttar 136714 same town atrepparttar 136715 same time. Their friendship then grew by leaps and bounds. They discovered they sharedrepparttar 136716 same date of birth; they each had two children (One had two boys andrepparttar 136717 other had two girls). They also realized that they sharedrepparttar 136718 same likes and dislikes and could almost finish each otherís sentences.

Making Mom Happy on Her Special Day

Written by Shauna Hanus

Mothers day is May 8th this year, are you ready? Are you in need of an idea for how to treat mom on Mothers Day that will not break your budget? How about indulging mom with a delightful home cooked brunch and a special tea pot for her to take home atrepparttar end ofrepparttar 136680 day.

Making moms eyes sparkle with a beautifully set table is as easy as pulling out that lacey table cloth and placing a vase of fresh flowers inrepparttar 136681 center for her to enjoy. Dig outrepparttar 136682 fine china; what have you been waiting for? This is that special occasion you reserve for onlyrepparttar 136683 best. Remember this is your mom, so make your table sparkle with love. She will go home knowing how much you love and appreciate her.

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